Kitchen Uniform And Kitchen kitchen uniform
Clothing The Best Wear For Chefs

The Best Kitchen Uniform And  Clothing For Chefs

Professional chefs wear a uniform in the kitchen to follow company guidelines and health and safety rules. Such as steel toe cap shoes to protect the feet from heavy objects. Chefs uniforms can also be known as chefs whites. To follow are the items of clothing that make up the professional chefs uniform.
A description of the best kitchen clothing making up the kitchen uniform as worn by chefs and used in busy professional kitchens. Furthermore, chefs use specific kitchen tools to work correctly.

Chef Jackets

There are many types of chef jackets to choose from, with various styles and colours available. Chef jackets are designed for comfort in the professional kitchen.

Main types of the jacket include  White with short or long sleeves and black with short or long sleeves.

Chef Trousers

There are two main types of chef trousers I have used and recommended highly throughout my career working in busy professional kitchens. My personal favourite being the black cargo style trousers.

The two highly recommended trouser types being the blue and white check trousers and the black cargo style trousers.

Chef Knives

Professional chef’s use a range of knives. These chef knives are specific to each job the chef needs to do.

Chef shoes

A comfortable shoe is essential, due to long hours standing. Using an inner sole will help for the long hours standing. There are two types of shoes for wearing in the kitchen.

Shoe 1: The lace up safety shoe with steel toe caps;

Shoe 2: The clog style shoe with cork soles;

Both shoes are very comfortable and are highly recommended.

Chef Hats

Chef hats are used to keep hair from falling into the food whilst cooking.

There are two recommended types of the chef hat

The Cloth skull – cap
The cloth skull cap is a great style of hat to wear in the professional kitchen, easily washable and come in various sizes and a range of colours.

Hats (Disposable Paper)
The disposable paper hats are used once and then disposed of. They come in a range of sizes.


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