Professional Chef Qualifications
The NVQ Level 2 In CookeryNVQ Level 2 In Cookery

The professional chef qualifications. NVQ level 2 in cookery is the route taken by many chefs who are in jobs and wish to study alongside their current jobs. Many of the units covered in the NVQ Level 2 in cookery will also be covered in the VRQ route and Other Chef Diplomas.

The Professional Chef Qualifications
– NVQ Level 2.

This is a recognised certificate within the industry. The course covers all of the basic skills to qualify for chef roles, as well as practical and theory skills.

There are a variety of  NVQ units that will fit in with most workplaces. These include, restaurants, hotels, pubs, hospitals, conference centres and schools.

The professional chef qualifications. Due to the NVQ level, 2 Diploma in cookery is a recognised certificate it will deliver the basic skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Entry Requirements For The Professional Chef Qualifications – NVQ Level 2.

In order to be eligible for the NVQ Level 2 in cookery, you must be working in the industry. Ideally full time, but part-time is minimal. This is needed so that you are able to practice the skills you have learnt in a workplace.

Course Content For The Professional Chef Qualifications  – NVQ Level 2.

The course covers a full range of basic skills needed to work in the industry. Areas the NVQ Level 2 Course Covers Include, how to prepare and cook a wide range of foods and how to present your foods correctly.

A unit on basic knife skills is a part of the course. Furthermore, you will learn how to maintain high standards of food hygiene, health and safety in the workplace and working as a part of a team.

Possible Units Of The Professional Chef Qualifications – NVQ Level 2.

Alongside set units that have to be taken, you will have a wide range of other units to choose from on your course. You will be able to tailor your choices to the areas in which you want to plan your future career.

Any places where you are employed for at least 30 hours a week and where a range of freshly prepared foods are made on site are suitable for the NVQ Diploma.

Unit – Safe Working Environment:

An in-depth study of health and safety within the workplace, covering all aspects of personal and working safety.

The areas covered will include, personal health and hygiene, keeping a hygienic, safe and secure workplace. With an in-depth look into emergencies in the workplace and understanding – (COSHH).

Professional Chef Qualifications

Unit – Teamwork:

Overview: Covers all areas of teamwork, including following instructions, being organised and being tidy.
The areas covered will include:

  • How to organise and plan your work.
  • Working well with team members.
  • Personal skill development.

Unit – Maintain Food Safety:

An in-depth study of food safety and why food safety is so important. This unit will examine all aspects of how to maintain food safety, such as food prep, cooking food and how to store food correctly.

The areas covered will include:

  • Keeping yourself hygienic and clean.
  • Keeping work areas clean and tidy.
  • HACCP.

Assessment Methods For Taking The NVQ Course In A Working Environment.

With the professional chef qualifications – NVQ Level 2 course you will be tested mainly by observation and being asked questions. Furthermore, you will need to complete a training log book and may be provided with a trainer who is qualified to oversee your progress.

In addition, you will also be visited by an NVQ tutor on a regular basis. The tutor will check the evidence that you have provided and ask you questions based on your training, written evidence.

There are various ways to complete your NVQ level 2 in cookery.

These ways include: completing all theory work and practical work in your workplace. Also completing practical work in your job, with 1 day at college for further study. Finally, you will take a test at your relevant college or at work and you will also need to pass a written maths exam.

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