Introduction To Working In London

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Chef Jobs In London And Benefits

London is one of the worlds most visited cities with a great range of hospitality options. The city offers a diverse range of opportunities for hotel chef jobs. With street food outlets a good option to start your own business on a budget. To a range of luxury hotels where a fantastic career path can be followed.

  • To get the best training opportunities and career progression.
  • Following a career in one of London’s top hotels is highly recommended.

Possible Benefits of Working for an International Hotel Group

Another great option that comes with chef jobs in hotels is the benefits. Hotels can offer a range of job benefits that may include:

  • Shopping discounts at a range of stores
  • Discount experiences in the hotel’s restaurants
  • Free nights in the hotel’s rooms
  • Discounted options on rooms and dining for family and friends
  • Pension Options

Learn About the Companies History, Stability and Culture

To have the best chance of getting off to the right footing research the company. There is a diverse range of hotels in London with various cultures.

  • Learn about the history of the hotel and company
  • Read up on the stability of the hotel group
  • Learn about the culture of the hotel

The hotel groups and individual hotels will have a lot of information on their websites.

Finding Accommodation and Living in London

Finding accommodation in London can be done relatively easily. London is a very large city with many lines of transport in and out of the city centre.  Generally, the further out of the city you live the cheaper the rent is going to be.  

  • With 6 main zones with zone 1 being central and zone 6 being further out but still on the underground tube lines.

Accommodation in zone 3 can be found at good prices and with excellent links to the city centre. With many of the best hotels being centrally located affordability can be a red flag.

  • However, living in a cheaper zone area is not a problem as there is an incredibly efficient public transport system.

AA 5 Star Luxury And Ultra Luxury Hotels In London

The AA has one of the most recognised hotel rating systems

London has over 50 – AA 5 star rated hotels making it one of the best opportunities for chef jobs in the world. By starting a chef career at any age in a 5 – star property in London. A stable career foundation will be laid.

London also has a selection of the best hotels and hotel groups in the world. These hotels offer fantastic opportunities for a chef career. With many opportunities for chef jobs within talented teams.

Socialising for the Hospitality Industry

London has a broad range of opportunities for socialising. There are many museums, galleries, bars, nightclubs and world-renowned tourist attractions.

Such as the view from the top of primrose hill or the London dungeons.

Many of the London hotels will have opportunities for in house sports clubs.
And also hotels generally have discounts for industry nights at centrally located bars.

 Top 10 Things To Do In London As Ranked By Tripadvisor Travellers

London is one of the top tourist places in the world. With a massive range of things to do that suit all types of tastes. To follow are the top 10 things to do in London at least once!

  1. The Tower Of London
  2. Tower Bridge
  3. Churchill War Rooms
  4. National Gallery
  5. The British Museum
  6. Westminster Abbey
  7. V&A Victoria and Albert Museum
  8. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  9. Natural History Museum
  10. Borough Market

Getting Around the City Of London

Another valuable benefit to working as a chef in London is found in the extensive transportation network. The transport system is well established around the city.

This enables a chef that is just starting out in the industry to live in a central location. Knowing that he or she can easily get to a restaurant when called upon.

This part of learning to become a chef in London is quite appealing to many. Because of the London Tube and extensive bus system, geographical barriers no longer limit a budding chef.

This can afford you the opportunity to work for a variety of different restaurants. Build up your resume, and gain the type of on the job experience that is simply not available in smaller European cities.