An Introduction to Working in Birmingham

Want To Skip Ahead?

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. With 4 hotels with an AA 4 star rating and one more in the construction phase. The city has a range of opportunities for a chef career. Birmingham is going through an ongoing regeneration. With many new public spaces, hotels and commercial buildings being due for completion in 2025.

Finding Accommodation And Living In Birmingham

   A Few Facts About The City Birmingham

  • Birmingham’s places and people inspired J.R.R.Tolken to write The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
  • Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath two of heavy metals biggest bands were born in Birmingham
  • Waterways in the city count up to 56KM (that’s more than venice)

   An Indication To House Prices In Birmingham

  • 1 Bedroom Flat – Central Birmingham Starting at: £550/ Month
  • 1 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £340 / Month
  • 3 Bedroom Flat – Central Birmingham – Starting at: £900/ Month
  • 3 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £ 650/ Month

     Out And About In Birmingham – Alcohol Prices

  • 1 Pint of Lager / Beer £2.80– £3.85 in a pub or restaurant
  • Mid range bottle of wine at the supermarket – £5.00 – £8.00

   Transportation Around Birmingham Costs

  • One day travel card for bus or train – £8.50
  • Monthly travel card for bus or train – £85

   Cost Of A Gym Membership

  • Membership for a monthly gym contract – £20–  £30

The Best AA Rated And Luxury Hotels In Birmingham

Birmingham Hotels Infographic

Top 10 Things To Do In Birmingham As Ranked By Tripadvisor Travellers

Once working in your hotel chef job there will be days off to take care of.  For those days off when you need something to do here are 10 ideas as ranked by tripadvisor readers.

  1. Birmingham Back To Back
  2. Museum Of The Jewellery Quarter
  3. Coffin Works
  4. Villa Park Stadium
  5. Steel Hose Lane Lock-Up
  6. Soho House
  7. National Motorcycle Museum
  8. Symphony Hall
  9. Selly Manor
  10. Birmingham Hippodrome