Moving Forward As A Chef

Moving Forward with a Chef Career

Discover the Best UK Chef Jobs

The UK offers anyone looking to follow a chef career great opportunities for chef jobs. With hospitality and tourism being the 4th biggest industry in the country. Career hotspots include the capital city London which has many chef job options.

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Why should I work as a chef in the UK?

The UK is a fantastic country to work in for a successful chef career. With a broad range of places to work at. This includes hotels, fine dining restaurants, brasseries and pubs.

With a variety of ultra-luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in the country. The UK has the opportunity for all levels of chefs.

This could be working as a commis chef at a newly opened local brasserie. To work at a 3-star Michelin kitchen in central London. The UK offers a full spectrum of cheffing opportunities.

With the UK’s Hospitality industry growing year on year. And many UK chefs out there are not only household names here but also around the entire world.

How many chefs jobs are there?

The hospitality industry is the 4th biggest industry in the UK. And employs around 6 million people both directly and indirectly. With over 200,000 hospitality businesses. The UK currently employs over 300,000 chefs.

Are chef jobs in demand?

Chefs are in high demand throughout the UK with London being a culinary hotspot. There are 10,000s of kitchens that need chefs of all different experience levels.

The hospitality industry offers a huge range of opportunities for chefs. And this gives the career great potential for anyone looking to start a chef career.

where chefs work

How to find chef jobs

Finding a chef job in the United Kingdom can seem a little daunting at times. There is a huge range of job types out there.

With the hospitality industry consistently looking to recruit chefs. Hospitality workplaces include hotels, restaurants, event caterers and pubs.

With many different job boards to choose from the process can be difficult. And with a new chef agency appearing all the time, things can get a little complicated.

There are a number of ways to find a new chef job. With many agencies out there to choose from this can be a tricky area to navigate.

Depending on how much time you have you may want to look for a new chef job yourself. This will mean going through the chef job boards or keeping an eye out for the latest vacancies through social media.

Doing the hard work yourself

Follow restaurants or chefs on social

It’s becoming much more mainstream for companies and chefs to advertise open chef jobs on social media. Facebook groups, Instagram profiles and Linkedin are popular places to advertise job vacancies.

Social media accounts for chef job vacancies

When you follow restaurants, hotels and chefs on social media profiles. Anytime a job vacancy is posted it will show up on the news feeds.

And also, official social media accounts have little blue ticks beside them. This helps as the higher profile chefs may have a number of fake social accounts.

Using social media is a fantastic way to get the latest job vacancies straight from the chefs/companies themselves.


#follow #hotels #chefs #restaurants

Joining facebook groups and liking pages

There is a broad range of Facebook groups dedicated to chef jobs. In these groups, job vacancies can be posted for the group to see.

Following restaurants and chefs on social

Social media accounts are often used by chefs or restaurants to advertise open chef jobs. By following or liking the chef’s or restaurant’s profile page open job postings will appear on your feed once posted.

Remember to keep a look out for the little blue ticks. These confirm real accounts of higher-profile chefs and restaurants.

Official Social Account Badge

Linkedin is also a great way of searching for chef job vacancies. Also, it is easy to apply for jobs on Linkedin once your profile is set and your CV uploaded.

A look at the Linkedin method

This is a great way to do so and gives you the opportunity to apply directly to the companies. And gives you complete control over where you apply for.

All chef job levels can be searched for in a broad range of companies. Including, luxury hotels, Michelin-star restaurants, football stadiums and luxury yachts. This can be taken into consideration when looking for a new chef job.

How to easily apply for chef jobs

Once your profile has been updated and your CV has been added the job search is straightforward.

The application process can be completed in a couple of clicks. Many of the top companies in the UK advertising their job vacancies here.

The application process has been made as easy as possible by using the Linkedin job search engine. Being very popular in the UK.

once your work experience has been completed you will have access to many of the best companies in the UK. And the features will be straightforward to use.

The chef job role recommendation option

Once you have your profile created with your work dates and companies you worked for. Just click on the jobs tab and you will see a whole range of recommended opportunities specific to your skills.

How to use the chef job search option

This is the search option on the Linkedin website, just add your criteria and click search. Once your CV has been uploaded to your profile it can be sent directly into the application process.

  1. Add what position or company you are looking for
  2. Add the location
  3. Search

A chef job search in a luxury hotel

Search Criteria

  1. ‘The Luxury Hotel Company Or Job Role’ ‘Rosewood / Corinthia’ Or Chef De Partie / junior sous chef
  2. Your required location, for example, London
  3. You will have a list of chef job vacancies available
  4. Apply for the job role in a couple of clicks.

The job application also shows how many applicants have been sent in for a specific job. So you can get an idea of how much competition there is for the vacancy.

Professional hospitality networking

Another great feature of this search engine is being able to connect with previous work associates and build your own network. Once your work experience has been added anyone with the same experience may appear on your feed.

All these features are available in the free version.

Looking through the many job boards

There is a huge range of chef job boards out there. Some are specialised for chefs others are not. Mainly agencies focus on specific areas of the UK or styles.

Top UK Cities For A Chef Career


London is the capital city of England and a hotspot for world-class hotels, restaurants and chefs. The largest UK city for restaurants and 100+ 4-star and 5-star hotels.

How Many michelin stars London 2021


The Welsh capital city of Cardiff has a selection of hotels and restaurants. These are great for starting or progressing a chef career.


Edinburgh is the Capital city of Scotland with four AA rated 5-star hotels. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Manchester is the second most visited city in the UK. With a range of 4 and 5-star AA-rated hotels.

Common Questions About Working In The UK

 Can I find chef jobs near me?

Yes, your desired job location can be set to wherever you like on job search engines. This can be done in the search box area.

Do luxury hotels add their chef vacancies on Linkedin?

Many of the top luxury hotels and restaurants in the UK advertise their job roles here. You will also find profiles of chefs with whom we are hiring frames on their profiles.

By connecting with these chefs you will be able to see when they have chef vacancies.

And it’s a streamlined application process once your details are all set up. 

Do jobs come with live-in accommodation?

Many hospitality companies will have a live-in option. However, this is not every company, if you need to live in accommodation always check with the company first.

This can be on-site accommodation or houses in the local area at a lower rental rate.

Are there jobs in the UK for foreigners?

The chef career in the UK is in demand and many vacancies need to be filled. With a chef gaining the correct visa anyone can become a chef in the UK.

Can i work in the UK as a Non-Eu National?

The UK employs many nationalities as chefs. With the correct visa a chef job will not be a problem to find. Chefs from all nationalities have the opportunity to reach the top of the profession in the UK.

Yes You Can

What are the chef working hours in the UK?

The working hours will depend on the style and how busy the kitchen is. Full-time jobs will usually be at least 40 hours per week.

What is the chef salary like in the UK?

The salary will be competitive for the location of the job. London pays chefs a higher salary than other places in the country.

The higher quality places generally pay a higher salary due to the higher level of skills and commitment needed.

Some Chef Nationalities UK

Rosette restaurants in the UK

The AA Rosette is an award given only by the AA hotel and restaurant inspectors. Around 10% of restaurants in the UK have 1 AA rosette and above. The award is given to outstanding restaurants with high-quality ingredients and cooking.

Rosette Restaurants UK 2021

The Chef Recruitment Agency

How to find a chef recruitment agency

There are many chef recruitment agencies out there that are dedicated to the hospitality and catering industry.

Also, there are job agencies that have chef recruitment as part of their business.

Applying with chef agencies to find your next chef job works well for many chefs.

There is a distinct difference between these two types.

Two different chef recruitment style agencies

  • Specialised focused on the chef career
  • Agencies that cover a broad range of industries including hospitality and catering

Specialised chef agencies are just that! Recruitment agencies for chefs that focus on the hospitality and catering industry.

Types Of Hospitality And Catering Agencies

1. Specialised Chef Job Agencies

  • Hotels

Hotels are always looking for chefs and in larger hotels, more chefs are needed. Kitchen brigade size can range from 8 in a small 3-star hotel to 50+ in larger luxury hotels.

In the larger hotels, there can be a higher number of kitchen teams 1 for each restaurant.

  • Restaurants

These can range from high-covered good quality food to fine dining places.

  • Pubs

Most pubs nowadays offer food as an extra revenue stream. Many use recruitment agencies for chefs and offer a range of food quality.

  • Sports Stadiums

Many football stadiums and sports stadiums have teams of chefs. With a range of food quality on offer. For example, Wembley, lords cricket ground or arsenal football club.

2. Non Specialised Chef Job Agencies

  • Care Homes

Looking after the kitchen in an elderly care home creating fresh foods. A small team in the kitchen possibly the only chef with limited kitchen help.

  • Nurseries

Working as a chef in a children’s nursery. Kitchens teams will vary on the size of the children’s nursery.

  • Garden Centres

Many garden centres have cafes for their customers. With kitchen teams serving simple foods.

  • Factory Canteens

Chefs are also employed in factory canteens with various-sized kitchen teams.

Advantages Of Specialised Chef Agencies

Many of these styles of agencies focus on specific locations cities or areas.

This could be specific to the city of London for example.

Or a larger area specific such as the East of England. With some agencies also covering the whole of the UK.

Focusing on specific styles of hospitality

Chef agencies out there can specialise in areas of the hospitality industry. For example, they may be dedicated to luxury hotels and fine-dining restaurants.

And some focus on the 3 and 4-star hotel categories with good quality high cover restaurants.

Where specialised chef agencies focus

  • Luxury HospitalityLuxury Hotels / Michelin Star Restaurants / 3 Rosette Up
  • 3-Star / 4-Star Hotels – Brasserie-style restaurants/pubs
  • Temporary chef agencies focused mainly on London
  • Head hunter for high profile chef permanent chef roles

Where can I find agencies that specialise in freelance chef recruitment?

  • Facebook / Instagram

Many business managers and owners are advertising directly in groups. This can be through Facebook groups or pages or through their own Instagram accounts.

  • Google Search

Searching Google for relevant search terms for example: ‘Freelance chef recruitment agency (local area)’.

  • Word Of Mouth

Having conversations with current chefs in your network who have used chef agencies.

Common Questions About Chef Recruitment Agencies

How does the chef recruitment process work?

Your CV and work details can be registered with an agency to help you find a chef job. This can be both temporary and full-time placements.

How to apply to chef recruitment agencies?

Applying by email with your CV and ID (Passport / Driving Licence). Once you have passed their criteria a meeting can be arranged for an interview.

How to find a chef recruitment agency near me

A Google search will give a starting point to find your nearest chef agency.

How to find freelance chef recruitment agencies

A Google search will give you a list of your local and national options. And also, a Facebook group search with relevant search terms works well.

Which agencies focus primarily on London?

A Google search for London chef recruitment agencies works well. If you are local to London the agencies will show up on google maps listings.

Can agency experience help in my job search?

Established agencies will have a database of businesses they work with. After working around these businesses you can get a feel for a kitchen that could be suited to your career development. When a full-time position is available you can then apply for this job.

Gaining work experience in kitchens

Work experience in kitchens can be a great way into a new job. Depending on your cheffing career plans contacting a relevant restaurant/chef to gain unpaid work experience could be a way forward.