How To Start And Run
A Street Food BusinessHow To Start And Run A Street Food Business

The street food business in the UK is expanding at a rate of knots not seen before. And is on an upward trend all over the UK. The main reason for this being people wanting to start their own businesses at a relatively low cost, within the hospitality industry. Many people are asking How To Start And Run A Street Food Business?

A street food business can make a lot of profit although this comes with hard work and perseverance. You will also need to focus on the core areas of the business, such as choosing a profitable food to serve and locating pitches.

As a street food entrepreneur, you have the flexibility of working when and where you choose. You could be working on a local market once a month. Or working three days a week at events and festivals all over the country. Starting a street food business can be started as a second career on a part-time basis or as a main career. The harder you work on your business, focusing on the core areas the more successful it is possible to become.

When thinking about starting a street food business think about what motivates you. Are you looking for a part time business or are you looking to own a multi vehicle operation in the next five years

Also having an honest look at yourself and deciding if a street food business is right for you. For example: if you don’t like working with food then this may not be suited to your personality

What Is Street Food?

Street food can be described as a growing scene serving quality food with individuality. The foods can be served from a range of places including markets, festivals or special events. The trend continues with street food being one of the most innovative and interesting concepts in the UK catering scene.

Companies serving street food must use quality sourced ingredients and serve high-quality foods. The owners will concentrate on one product and prepare and serve this to a high standard. Street food traders can operate and serve their products from any type of unit.

For example, a food truck (Van), a trailer, or a gazebo, a key point for success is to brand your individuality.

Street Food Units can be split into three main areas:

  • Trailer Operators
  • Gazebo Operators
  • Truck/Van operators

These operation units can all be used at many trading pitches including a local farmers market or a large festival.

 Health And Safety

There certain core areas that need focusing on when you are looking into How To Start And Run A Street Food Business. As a street food operator, you are responsible for the health and safety of your customers. All of your equipment inside your operational unit needs to be safety checked and clean.

You will also need to have a basic qualification in food safety and be able to take risk assessments and understand HACCP regulations. You will be using equipment that can be hazardous such as gas appliances and electrical equipment, these all need to be safety checked and given certificates by a qualified engineer.

How To Start And Run A Street Food Business

Do I Need To Be A Qualified Chef

Everyone with some cooking skills and the ability to cook tasty foods could open a street food business. Many chefs use the lower costs of starting a street food business as a way of owning their own business, and many enthusiastic home cooks have done as well. Being a trained chef will have its advantages and this can be achieved if cooking skills are needed.

You may, however, decide that you have the skills needed as a home cook and are looking for an outlet to serve your foods.

How Many Hours Will You Need To Put Into Your Business

This is entirely your own decision, but as you start your business up you will need to put in a lot of hours than at any other time. So if you are looking to only work on a part-time basis, you may find that you are still putting a lot of hours in. This may include: finding pitches, building a website, finding a suitable vehicle and equipment.

Once you have all of the basic groundwork done a certain amount of hours will still need to be spent on your business. Due to preparing foods and buying stock. All these areas may need careful thought when thinking How To Start And Run A Street Food Business.

How To Make The Highest Profit

It is very important when starting out to have a Gross Profit Margin to stick to. This is the profit you make on all of your foods and may need to be at least 70% GP to run and grow successfully. Your net profit will come by taking all of your costs. These will include pitch fees and fuel away from the Gross Profit. Minimising wastage is a core area to focus on when controlling a Gross Profit.

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