Chef Career Questions

Is a Chef Career Right for You?

Questions to Consider Before Starting a Chef Career

Want To Skip Ahead?

Here are 49 chef career questions to ask yourself regarding whether putting on a chef’s hat. And taking on this role is suitable for you.

Questions You Should Think About Asking Yourself 

  1. Do your passions lie in cooking and trying out a variety of ingredients?
  2. Are you ready to take on the challenge of working irregular and long shifts, including weekends and evenings?
  3. Do you believe you thrive in intensive, high-pressure kitchen scenarios?
  4. You can keep your cool in stressful environments?
  5. Are you dedicated to injecting a lot of hard work and time into your job to perfect culinary techniques?
  6. You can handle knives and other tools in the kitchen skilfully?
  7. Would people describe you as a good team player and listener?
  8. Do your passions lie in constantly enhancing your skills and learning new ones?
  9. Do you pride yourself on having a good palate and love experimenting with new tastes?
  10. Does multitasking come easy to you?
  11. Does working on a limited budget come easy to you?
  12. Would you be excited to embrace different cultural cuisines in your culinary journey?
  13. Would you be excited to learn about other cultures and histories for your role?
  14. Would you take pride in managing and training kitchen staffin lower positions than yourself?
  15. Are you willing to operate with any consumer dietary restrictions and allergies?
  16. Are you ready to gain knowledge of food pairings and work with them regularly?
  17. Concerning food pairings, is your presentation exquisite?
  18. Do you have adequate knowledge of farming and food sourcing?
  19. Are you ready to get your head around financial management and various budgets?
  20. Can you handle working with ingredients such as seafood and raw meat?
  21. Do you have adequate knowledge of managing inventory and ordering?
  22. Are you physically able to stand on your feet for extended periods of time?
  23. You’re known to collaborate comfortably with stakeholders?
  24. Do you think you could understand food science and apply it effectively?
  25. Do you think you could understand food preservation and use it effectively?
  26. Have you been known to look up on food safety and sanitation regulations?
  27. Have you made yourself aware of packaging and distribution management?
  28. Have you been known to look up on food waste management?
  29. Do you believe you could operate well with potentially hazardous heat sources?
  30. Would you be able to take on tasks efficiently in a hot and humid working environment?
  31. Would you be able to take on your tasks regarding food costing strategies? 
  32. Are you up for the challenge of testing, developing, and modifying recipes?
  33. Would you be happy to focus on and come up with new menu items?
  34. Would people describe you as skilful enough to operate different tools around the kitchen?
  35. Would you be excited to use creativity when designing ideas for menu specials?
  36. Are you more than happy to generate ideas for dessert menus?
  37. Are you willing to operate with and understand wine and spirit menus?
  38. Could you work with and gain knowledge of staffing and scheduling?
  39. Have you taken constructive criticism well in the past and improved yourself based on receiving it?
  40. Do you think you would be able to use industry-specific technology in the kitchen?
  41. Would you be excited to use creativity when designing beverage item menus?
  42. Being buzzed to learn about emerging food trends?
  43. Can you operate with and understand equipment and kitchen maintenance?
  44. Do people compliment your food presentation when you plate up dishes?
  45. Can you comfortably gain customer service knowledge and execute it effectively?
  46. Do you believe you could be good at marketing and implement it well?
  47. Do you have knowledge of human resources and execute it effectively?
  48. Can you comfortably gain legal understanding and execute it effectively?
  49. Do you think you have the ability to make a long-term dedication to excel as a chef?

It’s worth mentioning here that the questions above are broad and that the answers you gave to these questions shouldn’t be the only basis you use to decide whether this career is entirely for you or not.

You should also test the waters with work experience, do a little research, and gain advice from those already in this industry to help you make the right decision.

Discover if you have what it takes to be a chef with our chef career list. Ideal for aspiring chefs, this quiz puts your knowledge to the test with a range of questions from waste management to cooking passions.

49 Yes’s! Your Destined to Be A Chef

How many chef career questions did you answer with a yes?

0 – 10 = Probably not a career for you!

11 – 25 = Give it a shot, try a few weeks work experience.

25 – 35 = Consider getting started on a culinary course.

36 – 49 = Why have you not started yet? Chef!