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Maybe you just want to find out a little more about becoming a chef and the professional career. Or have already started culinary training and could do with a few tips. Or a novice cook who needs some basic/advanced training from current working chefs.

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Hi my name is chris and welcome… So you are thinking about becoming a chef or maybe need some advice and tips on how to further your career. This may be furthering your current position or getting out of another chefs kitchen completely to start your own business. We have made learning about the chef career opportunities in the UK really simple.

The Commis Chef 

 1.  Explain A Commis Chef In The UK

 2.  How To Make A Commis Chef CV

 3.  What Is The Salary Of A Commis Chef

 4.  What Level Is A Commis Chef On The Kitchen Brigade Ladder

 5.  A Pastry Commis Chef Position Explained

 6.  How To Become A Commis Chef With No Experience

 7.  What Does A Commis Chef Do In A Professional Kitchen

 8.  Commis Chef In The UK Tips

 9.  Commis Chef Jobs In A Kitchen Brigade

 10. What Is The Next Position Up From A Commis Chef

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How To Become A Chef In The UK Review
Hi Chris, just wanted to say thanks for helping me to get my first commis chef job. I’m 52 and had no prior experience.

Paul McLelland
How To Become A Chef In The UK Review

“I bought your book years ago! Though I’m in Canada, there was lots of translatable info! Thx!”

Ilona Daniel, Chef Ilona
How To Become A Chef In The UK Review

I’m getting back into the industry can you make a refresh video for me.
Amazing I already subscribed.

T1tan Pr0metheu

The Chef Entrepreneur

Maybe you are looking for some entrepreneur ideas?

Some chefs out there have a burning desire to build their own business. The street food business is a popular choice.

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We want to make finding out the information to become a chef really easy. And also finding out the essential information in starting your first business really simple.