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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I become a chef?

A. Yes! Anyone can become a chef.

 Q. Can you show me how?

A. We have advice and tips on how to become a chef with no experience. 

 Q. If I decide the career is not for me?

A. Anyone who works as a chef for a year will have picked up basic cooking skills and health and safety knowledge.

 Q. Can I start a food truck?

 A. Yes, starting a food truck is a popular business option.

 Q. How to choose food truck locations?

 A. Factors include, foot traffic, events, competition and target customer.

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YouTube Viewer & Asparagus Lover

This is amazing! I have also recently published asparagus recipe on my channel! I cook it in a pan with cream cheese sauce

Lizastime Cooking

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The Street Food Business Book

I’d been thinking about setting up a little street food business and bought this book. I found it really helpful and easy to read. It’s been very useful in mapping out my planning and I would recommend it as a very good resource.

Kevin Ainsley

Street Food Entrepreneur

Superb Presentation | Very Good Speech

Hi I am logesh, ur presentation absolutely superb ur speech very good……I ask u one thing ? Any age can join in as a kitchen helper, commis junior starting fresh job I am so interested to work in kitchen.

Logesh Murugesh

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My first commis chef job

Hi Christopher, just wanted to say thanks for helping me to get my first commis chef job. I’m 52 and had no prior experience.

Paul Mclelland Professional Chef

Paul Mclelland 

Professional Chef

How To Become A Chef Book

I have to say this book it’s very detailed as it answered questions I had plus ones I didn’t even think about. Chris does have a great deal of knowledge of the cooking world as well as what it takes to be a chef.

Daniel Engle

How To Become A Chef | Book

“I bought your book years ago! Though I’m in Canada, there was lots of translatable info! Thx!” Chef Ilona

Chef Ilona

Ilona Daniel

Chef Ilona

From A Youtube Recipe!

The man’s a genius


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Becoming A Commis Chef | Beginners Chef Book

“Perfect book for a budding little chef – my nephew loved this, just about to go through a chef course for 3 years he was really thrilled with this.”


Book Reviewer

Baby Gem Demonstration | YouTube Channel

“Great demonstration! New subbie here!!!😃 Thanks for this, I hadn’t heard of it until GR used it in one of his recipes. Would love to know how to make the Caesar salad and any others you use this…”


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Amazing I already subscribed!

I’m getting back into the industry can you make a refresh video for me.
Amazing I already subscribed.

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