What Is A Sous Chef? A Definition Of The Job Description What Is A Sous Chef?

 The Definition And Meaning  

What is a sous chef? First of all, Sous chef comes from the French language meaning – Sous-Chef de Cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen). And can also be known as second in command of the kitchen. This is the next level up the kitchen brigade ladder from a chef de partie. He or She is the right-hand person of the head chef. Almost always sous chefs attain their position by working their way up the ladder within a kitchen brigade. And this has been done through training, experience, perseverance and hard work.

“They will be working their way up the ladder.”

There are three main levels of sous chef:

  • Junior
    First of all, the junior sous chef is the assistant of the sous chef with similar responsibilities.
  • Sous chef
    The head chefs second in command at this level the sous chef will have a great deal of the responsibility within the kitchen. In addition, this could lead to being promoted as an executive.
  • Executive
    This is a sous chef who will have a great deal of experience. Consequently, they will have proved themselves as an excellent sous chef.

What Is A Sous Chef?

What Are The Key Qualities?

And now we understand what a sous chef is, what are the key qualities. Key qualities that a sous chef will need to possess include, firstly, the ability to quickly delegate jobs to a large staff team in an authoritative manner. And they will also need to use a great deal of experience they have gained whilst working at each different level within a kitchen brigade. Therefore being able to successfully teach and mentor junior members of staff.

In addition, they may have responsibilities outside of the kitchen. These may include the scheduling of staff rotas and other administrative jobs.  Furthermore, it is possible for a quarter of a sous chef’s time to be taken up by doing paperwork.


A  Job Description, Their Responsibilities And Duties. 

The most common of establishments where sous chefs will be employed will be a restaurant and hotels followed by cruise ships. Due to the culinary position of a sous chef, there comes a lot of responsibilities and duties. Also, they will be reporting directly to the executive chef. Chefs who are successful in this position will quickly learn an in-depth familiarity with the kitchen operations. Therefore they can fill in for the executive chef when needed and assist them in resolving any problems that may occur on the job.

And will be responsible for how the food is presented on the plate. Another job will include the planning of the presentation and directing others to do so. Also, they will be keeping their kitchen staff organised, training of any new chefs, planning and creating the work schedules for the team to follow. And also essentially making sure all the food goes out to the customers at the best level of quality possible to keep the customers happy.

They will also be responsible for any other duties laid out in the job description following the company’s policies.

Most of all they will have the responsibility for the food preparation within the kitchen. This may include the planning and directing of tasks to staff. And they will also need to supervise team members, and keep an eye out for problems that may arise and take control of the situation in an instant.

Other responsibilities may include; need to- thneed to discipline underperforming staff. And this will need to be done in an effective fairway, they will need to drive the team to meet and go beyond expectations by encouraging chefs within their roles.

What Do They Do?    

Assisting the sous chef in their job role and taking on the same responsibilities.

 Sous chef
 Most of all they are second in command of the kitchen, being the head chef’s right-hand person.

This is a position mainly in large establishments overseeing the sous chefs, and as a result, there may be a lot of paperwork within this role.

Sous Chef Salary

 What Is The Average UK Salary?

What is a sous chef salary? This position is one of the higher – level jobs within an establishment, as a result, the salary reflects this. And in addition, they may have additional compensation such as bonuses or other benefits. As with most kitchen positions salaries depend greatly on the establishment. Due to the location and the previous experience of the chef.

Below is an average salary in the UK:

Junior           £21000 – £27000   Average salary = £23000

Sous              £23000 – £29000   Average salary = £25000

Executive    £25000 – £31000     Average salary = £27000

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