Chef Jobs In London Are Easy To Find With A Little Research

Applying for chef jobs in London can be a daunting experience with many companies to work for. Furthermore there are lots of chef agencies to join and work with. There are many hotels and restaurants in London looking for chefs.

We have a whole library of information available to help you with getting the most out of your chef career. 

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How To Find Chef Jobs In London (Gumtree)

Gumtree can be a good resource to find a commis chef job in London. On this site jobs can be found and getting an interview can be done pretty quickly.

Con’s – many of these jobs have a high turnover of staff and it’s always a good idea to research a company before committing to a career with them.

Hence a search can be done by entering the keyword ‘commis chef job’ With a location identifier, in this case ‘London’.

Pros And Cons Of Monday To Friday Jobs

A Monday to Friday job can be very appealing to many chefs. These jobs are great if you prefer weekends off with family or friends. These jobs can be found in the City of London and with many event caterers out there.

The food may not be at the highest standard, with most high-end restaurants open every day. With event caterers, weekends may need to be worked during busy periods. However, overtime is paid in many places.

A Job In A Michelin Star Restaurant Maybe Suitable

Above all with a really strong passion for food and a hardworking attitude then a commis chef role in a Michelin star restaurant may be suitable. London is a great place for high-end food.

There are many restaurants in London who are at the top of their game. With one, two and three star restaurants all in London.

Part Time Commis Chef Jobs In London

Part-time jobs as a commis chef may be suitable. Many places will employ commis chefs on a part-time basis. Working weekends for example.

This is one option for a commis chef at a catering college wanting to work weekends for experience and to get paid.

Using A Google Keyword Search

With a thousand different chef agencies out there and a new one in vogue each year. It’s very easy to find vacant chef positions in London.

Using a google keyword search such as:
“commis chef jobs London” many vacant positions will appear to look into. This will include chef agencies and jobs boards.

A Rewarding And In Demand Career

All kitchen brigades have a turnover of chefs, and these chefs need to be replaced. This is the same as any other job really. Personally, I have worked with maybe 500 – 600 chefs since 1997.

The national statistics for 2017 show that there are 269000 chefs employed in the UK. Many chefs stay in a position for around 1 – 2 years.

This results in a massive turnover of chefs in the UK. For this reason, the chef career can offer great potential for a commis chef ambitious for a promotion.

Owners of hotels and restaurants rely on enthusiastic and passionate chefs.

In fact, there are hundreds of chef jobs in London waiting to be filled every day and employers are often frustrated at not being able to find the chefs.

The Kitchen Brigade Ladder

The kitchen brigade is a common system used in many professional kitchens. There are different levels of chefs from the commis chef up to the head/Executive chef.

Although the number of chefs in each position depends on the overall size of the kitchen brigade.

A Kitchen Brigade System

Head Chef
The head chef has the overall running of the kitchen. Also the jobs of a head chef can include hiring and firing staff and writing menus.

Sous Chef     
The sous chef works alongside the head chef. Many of the sous chef and head chef jobs will be similar. With the sous chef taking on the jobs in the head chef’s absence.

Chef de Partie
The chef de partie will be running a specific section in the kitchen. This can be the larder, sauce or fish section. Managing junior staff, preparing and cooking food and stock rotating.

Commis Chef
Commis chefs will be working on the basic jobs in a professional kitchen.

The Commis Chef
In professional kitchens, all chefs would have started as a commis chef. This includes chefs who have completed formal qualifications at college or online. This starting role is the position where all the basic skills will be practised, learnt and improved upon.

The Basic Jobs Of A Commis Chef

A commis chef just starting out in the kitchen will be responsible for the basic jobs. To follow is a list of jobs that may be expected of a commis chef to do.

There is a broad range of potatoes that are used in recipes. Commis chef will need to learn and understand the potato. Varieties include: ‘Maris Piper’, King Edward and a sweet potato.

Common jobs include the peeling of potatoes and mashing. A speed peeler is a great kitchen tool for the peeling of potatoes quickly.

Varieties of onions include Spanish onions, red onions and shallots. A commis chef will need to learn the different types and how to peel and prepare them.

Practice the different onion cutting techniques to build up a stable foundation of cooking skills.

Spinach will need to be picked and washed well before being cooked. Always remember that spinach cooks down a lot. This means a big bunch of raw spinach will transform into a small amount after the cooking process.

Do not over salt at the start of cooking

Preparing Salad
The picking and washing of salad is a common job of the commis chef. There are many different types of salad which include: Lollo – Rosso, oakleaf and baby gem. Pick out bad salad leaves and be gentle when washing and drying the leaves.

Fridge Organisation
Commis chefs will be organising fridges, stock rotating and cleaning section fridges on a daily basis.

Passing Stocks
Stocks are made a lot in professional kitchens and these stocks will need looking after. Skimming the grease from the top of the stock and passing the stock will need to be done. Once the stock has been passed it can then be reduced

Vegetables are going to need peeling, cutting and cooking. Commis chefs can practice their cutting techniques for speed and accuracy.

Basic Cooking Methods
Basic cooking methods may include blanching and frying. The correct cooking timings can be practised and mastered

There are many herbs that are used including, parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary. Jobs include picking, washing and finely cutting for dishes.

 Starting Salary For A Commis Chef

The commis chef is the most basic position in a kitchen brigade. A starting salary can vary slightly depending on location and the standard of food being cooked. And also, a commis chef with experience can earn more than a newbie.

An average salary for a commis chef depending on experience and location.

Commis chef:     = £14000 – £24000    
Average salary:   = £16500

The Next Steps When Applying For Commis Chef Jobs In London

All professional chefs start off as a commis chef, there is no reason not to have an ambitious vision for your chef career. And the natural progression for a commis chef is a move up to the chef de partie position.

Certainly, this is the position all commis chefs need to aim for, once at the chef de partie position a lot more doors can open up for the chef.

Progression of a commis chef can vary depending on the skill, and dedication of the commis chef. Maybe a commis chef will stay in this position for around 3 years or until all the groundwork is done that is needed for a successful career.

Research The Chef Job Description 

The job description needs to be researched your application for the job can then be tailored around the job description. Highlight the keywords being asked for and build a CV around these keywords.

Always be honest about your previous experience and do not lie. You may get caught out in the end and this can lead to disciplinary procedures.

Interview Essentials For Chefs

Research The Job Description
Highlight the keywords being used and build a cover letter and CV around these, do not lie.

Research The Company
Do some research about the company before the interview.

Dress Smartly and Be Polite
Be smart and act politely and it’s not a great idea to be smelling of alcohol or cigarettes in an interview.

Always Be On-time
Don’t be late for an interview and plan your route ahead of the interview day

Practice With Sample Interview Questions And Answers

Practice in front of a mirror answering questions. Possibly set up an interview role play with a friend and practice the interview.

Learn The S.T.A.R. Technique
The more prepared you are for the interview the better your chances are of success.

Chef Jobs In London And The World

Buckingham Palace

Chefs can work in many venues in London such as Buckingham Palace which has its own kitchens. And with many banqueting events being held here.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer fantastic opportunities for chefs, this is a good way to travel the world and experience luxury foods. In addition learning the commis chef role within a large kitchen brigade.

Furthermore cruise ships will have a range of restaurants for a commis chef to hone their skills.

Luxury Hotels All Over The World

London has some of the best hotels in the world: the Savoy, the Ritz and the Dorchester (3 Michelin star restaurant Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester).

Sports Stadiums

Premiership clubs in London include Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. These clubs all have their own kitchen teams and offer a great opportunity for commis chefs to learn and develop their skills.

Essential Advice On Working As A Chef In London

If you have dreamed of working as a chef all of your life. One of the major cities of the world has likely always been on your radar. London is at the centre of the culinary world, making it a highly sought after destination for many of the world’s top chefs who enjoy working as a chef in London.

If you feel that you are out of your league, don’t. With hard work, perseverance, and a lot of networking, you can find that dream job of yours in the city that you have grown to love. You may even have the dream of working in a top celebrity restaurant in London.

A Special Work Ethic For London Jobs

No matter where in the world you are coming from, there are some unique aspects to professional life in London that you should be aware of. One of the components of the British culture that is likely drawing you to London in the first place is that the capital is fast, fun, and enjoyable.

This means that every day is unique, and this is what chef’s love. At the same time, the fast-paced nature of London requires a professional character and focus on excellence at all times.

Types of Venues

One of the great aspects of seeking out work as a chef in London is the wide variety of opportunities that exist at any given moment. With the number of resort and convention centres, mainstream restaurants, and special venues dotting the landscape of the city.

There is something that will appeal to any type of chef out there. The key is to get noticed, pound the pavement, and impress the right people with your talent.

It is important to consider the types of dishes that you feel competent in creating. If your leaning is towards traditional British menu items.

You can consider one of the many pubs that are located throughout the city. If you have a more diverse portfolio, then it might be fitting for you to look into the catering and special events business.

To land a job at one of the many Michelin-rated restaurants in London will likely require you to have many years of experience, so do not despair if you do not get a call from them right away.

Start at a local restaurant; impress your guests, and then work to move up from there. London is a great place for chefs to not only begin their career. But also to advance it by leaps and bounds as well.