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How do Chefs Work so Fast?

How do Chefs Work so Fast in Busy Kitchens?

Working as a chef in a high paced kitchen can be a demanding job. Learning the skills to work quickly and efficiently is key to be successful in the chef job role.

To have the ability to work at a fast pace, in busy kitchens there are key areas to focus on.

Want To Skip Ahead?

How Experience Improves Your Working Speed

Gaining experience in the kitchen is key to working at a fast pace. The more familiar the chef becomes to the layout, moving around will become quicker and improved.

This will improve their efficiency in the job role.

Speeding The Cooking Process Up

  • Becoming Familiar with Utensils and Equipment

Getting used to which utensils and equipment are available in a kitchen helps to speed things up.

Most kitchens have their own set’s of tools. Also, there can be little tricks needed to use specific equipment!

  • Working Through Recipes A Few Times

Using a recipe for the first time can take a while. As soon as the recipe has been used several times it becomes a lot quicker to produce the food.

Does a well Organised Kitchen Help?

To work quickly and efficiently a well-organised kitchen is key. Once the equipment has been well organised it will be easy to find.

Chefs must be able to find equipment quickly especially when working in new kitchens. Also being well organised themselves at their workstations.

Clear systems in place are essential for speed. Storing, labelling ingredients, equipment and keeping surfaces clean throughout the day.

Well organised rotas for the chefs to work too. This can help the team stay fresh with the help of days off and holidays. Keeping on top of the chefs working hours, so as not to over do it!

Staying One Step Ahead by Correct Preparation

To avoid any last-minute rushing around its important to be prepared. Its good practice to have all ingredients ready for a recipe before starting. And becoming familiar with the recipe’s method is a great way to stay ahead.

It’s important to be familiar with all the items on the menu. Paying special attention to detail on the dishes on the section being worked on.

Staying On Top of The Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Having all the equipment needed for day-to-day use is important. And keeping all utensils and pieces of equipment in good working order is key. This will help the speed and efficiency of the chefs working.

Basic Equipment can include:

Specialised Equipment can include:

All these pieces of equipment will help to speed up the cooking process.

The Importance of Communication in The Kitchen

To be able to get the job done efficiently great communication is needed. Chefs will need to communicate effectively with each other and the rest of the team. This includes: the waiting staff and other members of the kitchen team.

Also keeping a positive attitude throughout the day is needed. This helps in producing high quality dishes consistently.

Communication Areas Include:

  • Giving instructions
  • Implementing Expectations
  • Relaying Information About the Dishes
  • Any changes to the Menu
  • Staying Positive Through The Day

Working Efficiently In A Busy Kitchen

The busy kitchen environment will need chefs to work fast and organised. These factors are all needed to keep producing dishes to a high standard.