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How To Become A Chef UK

In this category, we will look into becoming a chef in the UK. Articles cover areas including getting into the right job with no experience. The career is an in-demand job in the UK and is a real opportunity for a progressive career.

Getting yourself into a professional kitchen brigade. Start your career on the right track like a professional.

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The Tomato Including Cherry And Heirloom Tomatoes are a very versatile ingredient in any kitchen. As pro chef’s we use tomatoes in a broad range of ways including, salads, soups, sauces and using tomato puree in many dishes. And of course, they are an ingredient used by many home cooks too. There are many different types …

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Cake Baking Carrot Cake And Icing

Getting Started With Ingredients And Tools How to ‘make and bake a cake’ – If cooking is like an art, then baking is most definitely a science. In order to bake a perfect cake from scratch, you do have to be careful with measurements, pay close attention to the ingredients. Want To Skip Ahead? Make …

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Inspiration Quotes

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Bread Crumbed Chicken

Coat With Breadcrumbs Video Presentation – Coating With Breadcrumbs

Applying For Commis Chef Jobs In London Applying for commis chef jobs in London can be a daunting experience with many companies to work for. Furthermore there are lots of chef agencies to join and work with. There are many hotels and restaurants in London looking for commis chefs, and what we do is find …

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Luxury Chefs Cars

Get Your Hard Worked Skills Published Most people know that being a good cook, and being a chef, are two different things. But being a chef, and being a superstar chef, are just as different from each other. There are certain skills that make a chef stand out from the others in this very competitive field. Want …

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Student Cocktail Maker

The Hospitality Industry For Students The hospitality industry is a fantastic place to work in, and there are many hospitality jobs available to students. A range of skills can be learnt that can benefit you for the rest of your life. Even if you are only working in a job for a short period. Want To …

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Chocolate Cupcakes

How to Bake Cupcakes And The Baking Tools Needed Cupcakes may seem like an easier version of the cake. But the truth is that baking cupcakes and learning how to bake cupcakes require just as much precision and careful attention to detail as baking a full-size cake. Want To Skip Ahead? Beginner Steps For Cupcakes Ingredients …

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Chef Having Fun In Career

Why Should I Consider The Chef Career? Interested in a rewarding career that offers not just the potential to earn a great living, but flexibility and a lot of personal rewards? If that sounds familiar, then becoming a professional chef may be the right career move for you. In fact, there are quite a few …

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Bread To Make Breadcrums

Making Breadcrumbs Is Easy Many people do not realise that breadcrumbs can be used in a number of ways and that there are different types out there. The two main types of breadcrumbs are the Japanese Panko breadcrumbs and making breadcrumbs at home. The Japanese Panko breadcrumbs are used in many professional kitchens instead of …

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Cookery School Lunch

The Best Schools In The UK To Become A Chef The culinary field has enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity in recent years, spurring more foodies to pursue their passion for food by becoming professional chefs. Want to Skip Ahead? Uk Schools To Learn Cooking Raymond Blanc Cookery School Chef Academy Of London Vegetarian Society Cookery …

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Chef Career Islands

Working As A Chef In Hospitality Becoming a chef is a great choice of career. However, you must be willing to start on a basic salary, even after finishing a college course. Entry-level jobs will provide you with the basics to build a long and successful career as a chef.  Want To Skip Ahead? Hotel …

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