The Chef Career Path | Top 5 Reasons To Follow A Chef Career

Interested in a rewarding career that offers not just the potential to earn a great living, but flexibility and a lot of personal rewards? If that sounds familiar, then becoming a professional chef may be the right career move for you. In fact, there are quite a few reasons to follow the chef career path.

Chefs Get Paid To Cook

Cooking is one of the essential life skills, and it can be incredibly rewarding personally. However, as a professional chef, you can translate that love of cooking into actual pay. Depending on your experience and training, as well as the restaurant in which you work, you can actually earn a great living as a chef. Of course, there are many other possibilities, including opening your own restaurant, starting a catering company and more in which you can apply your training and cooking skills.

Travel The World As An Experienced Chef

One of the most enjoyable aspects of becoming a professional chef is the ability to travel. While some chefs spend most of their careers in one country, many do not. Once you’ve gained valuable training and have experience under your belt, you’ll begin building a name for yourself. With a few years at a chef de partie position level, you will find that this puts you very much in demand with restaurants around the world. And it’s far easier than you might think to find jobs in other countries. You can start out in the UK, and find yourself working in Germany, France, Italy, the US, Australia, Canada and many other nations.

Career Path To The World

The Chance to Be Creative

For too many people, there are very few creative outlets these days other than hobbies. While some people might be fine with only expressing their creativity in their personal time, that might not work for you. As a chef, creativity will be part of your day-to-day routine. You’ll be called on to put your own ideas on traditional dishes, create new dishes from scratch. Also finding new ways of accomplishing things, and more. You’ll need to experiment with taste and texture, aroma and colour, and shape and form. For quite a few chefs, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a chef.

How To Move Forward On The Chef Career Path

When it comes to determining the right career path, you need to consider many factors. You definitely want to think about how personally rewarding each option might be, but you’ll also need to factor in job growth. A professional career that is on the decline in terms of demand will not provide you with a lifelong income, and you will eventually find that you need to retrain for another position or another field entirely. When it comes to career growth, chef positions are only growing in demand. More and more restaurants are opening around the world (and in the UK, in particular) and this means that there’s a greater need than ever before for skilled, creative, talented chefs.

Eat Fantastic Food

Of course, one of the most important benefits of getting on the chef career path is simply being able to enjoy great food. Whether it’s something that you created yourself, an experiment by one of the junior chefs under your training. Or the creation of a colleague, you’ll be surrounded by sumptuous foods, both sweet and savoury, hot and cold, in a stunning variety. For anyone with a passion for food, it’s probably pretty close to heavenly.

The Chef Career Path

These are only a few of the many reasons to consider becoming a professional chef. The rewards are immense, and the career possibilities are virtually limitless. Of course, the ongoing demand for skilled chefs also ensures that you will never go “out of demand”.

The Coolest Job Anyone Can LearnCool Jobs

Cool jobs

There is a range of jobs out there considered to be cool jobs or the coolest jobs in the world. A few are in the hospitality industry such as a chocolate taster or a food tester. Other cool jobs on the list include astronaut, rock star, secret agent or a Hollywood actor. So, in my opinion, everyone should consider a place in the professional kitchen for a couple of years to pick up some life skills. Or a full on passionate going for the glory chef career. Fuxxing cool right…. Put down your musical instruments and stop those acting lessons people. And get yourself into those chef whites.

The Coolest Job In The World Open To Anybody

There are many jobs out there that can be considered cool jobs. These can include, wine taster, food taster and a foreign language teacher around the world. However, I want to put the chef job in the hat as one of the top cool jobs in the UK today. Firstly, the main points why a chef job is the coolest job in the world.


1. Cool Jobs Mean You Can Travel

As a chef with a good grounding and a few years, experience under their belt a chef can travel all over the world. This makes the career a cool job, these cool jobs for chefs can include ski seasons, working in any city in the world, cruise ships, and of course top world-famous hotels and restaurants. It’s not all 16 hour days, low pay and screaming chefs. Unless this is the path you are looking to take, some people work well and produce their best under these circumstances

2. Cool Jobs Mean You Can Eat Great Food

Being able to learn about a wide range of great food. And also working as a chef means you can learn about food. This can include the ingredients used in a broad range of dishes, the cooking methods used to produce foods and how to get the most out of your ingredients. This is a skill that once earnt is a benefit for your entire life. Even with only a couple of years working in a professional kitchen or completing a cooking course will give you essential cooking skills. It can be surprising getting to know the recipes of certain foods. Do you know how much sugar or salt goes into your favourite dessert or salad dressing? It is well documented the negative health effects of too much sugar, salt or bad fats. So with a cool job as a chef, you get to learn how these ingredients are used and it can be very surprising.


3. Cool Jobs Mean Its Easy To Make New Friends

Working in the hospitality industry is great for meeting new people and building relationships. So forget about the social media apps you have been using to meet new people and get into a professional kitchen. The big hotel groups and brand restaurants are great places to build your relationships. Pretty cool right, perhaps you have not considered that, but many people I have worked with have met their partners where they have been working.

4. Choosing A Cool Job As A Chef Long Term Benefits

After you have built your experience as a chef. You may come to a crossroads where it becomes an option to start your own business. This can be a street food business, café, restaurant or event catering company the list goes on. Cool jobs let you be your own boss if you don’t want to work for the company. A chef has this option as the hospitality industry in the UK is one of the largest and carries on growing. As people become a lot more aware of the foods they are eating and demand a variety of choices a chef has the skills to satisfy this need. A business can be started part-time as a pop-up style option with minimal financial commitment and expanded once a niche has been found.

Cool Jobs

5. Learn essential cooking skills

There are so many great points about a career as a chef lets not forget the main point. Chefs learn to cook great food and work with fantastic ingredients. The cooking skills a commis chef can pick up in a couple of years is broad. Even if you only spend a few years in a professional kitchen the skills learnt will last a lifetime. And the benefits of being able to cook are massive including:

• Knowing how to cook healthy food
• Learning how to use cheap ingredients
• Cooking for family and friends

Consider this: you spent 3 years in a professional kitchen after finishing school. However, you decided it wasn’t for you and took another path. You still have the cooking skills you have learnt, so instead of taking your date out for lunch. Impress them with a three-course meal that you learnt all those years ago. 

Anyone who spends a few years completing a chef course or working as a chef can pick up skills including:

• Food safety essentials
• Preparing and cooking vegetables
• Cooking pasta and basic pasta sauces including tomato sauce
• Preparing and making salad dishes: such as a ceasar or Nicoise salad
• How to use a knife and the correct tools to use
• The timing of foods, cooking times and organisation

6. Lots Of Job Opportunities In Different Kitchen Styles

The hospitality industry in the UK is huge. With a broad range of places that chefs can work, pubs, restaurants, hotels, event caterers, care homes, sports stadiums, football stadiums the list goes on. With this comes the fact that chefs move around to gain experience and find somewhere that suits not only the style of food they want to cook but also their personality. I have worked in a range of different types of kitchens and the kitchen personality can vary. By this kitchen, personalities can include, work work work, work hard play hard, just play hard!! Hard kitchens with shouty, shouty chefs, calm kitchens or cool kitchens. There is a kitchen out there that will suit different personalities of people and what they want to achieve as a chef.

7. No Qualifications Required

Of course, it is recommended to complete a college diploma in catering before taking a job. However, you do not need any formal qualifications to get your foot in the door of a professional kitchen.

All These Points Possibly Make The Chef Career The Coolest Job On The Planet

All these may be considered areas that make up the top cool jobs. The chef career is a great job and career with the options to move into senior positions or develop yourself as a chefpreneur. It’s not just the learning and these points I have pointed out. But also the broad range of jobs once a chef has a few years of experience.

Top 10 Hacks To Get From A Commis
Chef To Chef De Partie Fast commis Chef To Chef De Partie

One question many commis chefs ask themselves is this: how long is it going to take to get from a commis chef to chef de partie. This all depends on the skill level, patience and determination the chef has. It will not be a quick process to achieve a chef de partie position. However, there are some hacks to help you get noticed as a potential promotion opportunity. These are my top 10 hacks to get yourself into the chef de partie role faster.

Work Harder Than The Other Commis Chefs

Many commis chefs will not be thinking about getting into their first chef de partie role. They will be a  little nervous and overwhelmed by the whole kitchen system. You can get a good idea of who the best commis chefs are and just work harder than them. Work later, do extra days when asked if you go out the night before and have a hangover in the morning. You need to turn up for work and push through it. By not turning up to work with a hangover and you have been out with the guys the night before your career will stall.

Have A Career Plan

Have a plan already set and written down. Keep this where you can see it every day. Work out the steps you need to take to go from a commis chef to chef de partie. Do you need extra training in certain areas? Ask for it from other chefs. Your goals will be a lot more achievable if written down and if you find yourself stalling then maybe its time to get into another higher level kitchen.

commis Chef To Chef De Partie

Work At The Highest Level You Possibly Can

Get yourself into the highest level of kitchen possible. This is going to take patience and contacting the right people. However, a commis chef who has worked at a high level of cooking is going to go from commis chef to chef de partie when dropping down a level much faster. This is possibly my number 1 hack. For Example: To get a chef de partie job in a 1 rosette restaurant, get a job in a 3 rosette restaurant for a year as a commis chef and apply for a CDP job at a 1 rosette restaurant. This is by far the quickest way to get into a chef de partie role.

Applying For Chef De Partie Jobs

When applying for the chef de partie role make sure all application forms are filled out correctly. Apply for the job as soon as you feel ready, your current employer may say you are not ready. However by applying for a chef de partie role at another kitchen may be successful. There are always opportunities for chef de parties.

The Commis Chef To Chef De Partie Chef Interview

Practice your interview skills with role plays and sample interview questions and answers. Other commis chefs will not even be thinking on this level. So practice the interview in front of the mirror or with a friend or family member asking the questions.

Don’t Fall For The Stupid Games That Chefs Play!!

Some traps not to fall into. If a chef asks you to do any of these do not do them!!

  1. Chop flour.
  2. Count the floor tiles
  3. Keep your oven cloth handy and always share when busy
  4. Do not leave your apron unattended, some chefs will put flour in your apron! When you pick it up to put it back on.. you will get covered in flour.
  5. Always help out when asked, but use a little common sense. If something seems wrong to ask about it.

A commis Chef Chopping Flour

If you do find yourself in the position of being asked to chop flour. Ask the sous chef or head chef to show you how they want it done correctly. Then film them doing it!!!!

The Appearance Of A Commis Chef

Make sure you look smart when going from a commis chef to chef de partie. The other chefs may look a little scruffy sometimes. However, they may have just worked 3 weeks straight are under a lot of pressure. Do not copy them. Make sure your apron is tied correctly, your hat is neat and tidy and your shoes are suitable for the environment.

The Kitchen Shoes

Get a pair of Birkenstock clog style shoes. These are the shoes that get chefs noticed as chefs! Not my personal favourites anymore, however for some reason these shoes identify a quality chef to most experienced chefs.

Build Good Relationships With The Front Of House Staff

Be ‘nice’ to the front of house staff, be calm and have patience with them. This will get noticed and it will help you with the bigger picture. You need to get the other members of staff on your side from the very start. This doesn’t mean going over the top just be nice. Sometimes a little firm if needed. Do not copy any chefs who are shouting and screaming at the front of house staff. It’s not good and doesn’t help in the long run.

Be Interested In The Other Chefs And Staff

It always a good idea to turn up for staff events, such as annual parties. These social meetings are great to get into the team as a member. Although, try not to get way too drunk and make yourself look stupid. Its good to unwind a relax with co-workers, just don’t get too wasted, get into fights chase the girls who you are convinced love you as you have had too many sambuca. Keep it professional but relaxed.


There are many areas you will need to master to go from a commis chef to chef de partie and it will take patience and hard work. These hacks will help, these are ways you can get ahead of your coworkers and be up for promotion first. The kitchen brigade can be a very competitive place to work in. Do all you can to stay ahead of the chefs at your level and you will get noticed for a promotion first.


Modern Kitchen Skills For
Top Chefs Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs– Get The Edge

What are the modern kitchen skills for top chefs? There are a lot more skills to become a chef than being able to cook great food, there are other areas that can be focused on to get the edge

In today’s modern kitchen there are a lot more tools that can be used and certain personality traits need to be learned. All these skills can be learnt with hard work, so what are these top skills?

There are many new tools that have come into the kitchen and continue to do so. Strength and confidence all comes with the experience you gain in your career.

Modern skills will give you the edge over the rest of the field.  This may be working as part of a kitchen brigade or starting and running a business.

Core skills are also needed, these core skills with modern skills may help you to full fill your goals as a chef.

Not only these modern kitchen skills for top chefs are needed. But also, core skills that are needed as part of your skill-set when you begin your career will include having good cooking skills, teamwork skills and having a good memory.

All of these skills are very important and can all be learnt once they have been shown as an area to be improved upon.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs

Computer Skills

Today the computer is a vital kitchen tool and being able to use your computer and learning how to use software programs is needed. spreadsheets are great at costing recipes, checking menu profits and taking stock takes.

Having computer skills are needed by anybody starting their own business and are very useful for tasks including market research and having a social media presence.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs Include Using Modern Kitchen Tools

It is advised to learn to use modern tools used for many cooking methods in today’s kitchens. Modern tools in today’s kitchens include.

Water Baths
A machine used in the sous vide cooking method
Vacuum Packing Machines
A useful tool that vacuum seals foods in plastic

These tools will have precise set ups to use and the user will need to take training in the use of these machines

Tools needed when producing large batches include:

-Bratt Pans
These are large cooking devices used for sealing, frying and making large batches of foods.

-Large Mixers
Used to produce large batches of foods such as doughs or sauces.

-Stick Blenders
A useful tool for blending soups or making batches of sauces.

-Combi Ovens
These ovens have steam and heat settings to use and many have a self-cleaning setting.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs

Top Chefs Know How A Business Works

It is crucial to know how the kitchen and the food it produces fits into the whole picture of the business. Costing a menu and setting prices is crucial to producing a high-profit menu, although there are other areas to know such as the budget and how to stick to it. A gross profit may be set that a chef will need to stick to strictly to achieve the profits needed.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Menu Marketing

When creating a menu you need to develop the profits as well as making sure it looks and tastes good. Areas to learn include making higher profits through the menu’s layout and pricing.

TIP – Keep a file of your own menus with photos and collect menus of chefs you

Develop your own healthy/special diet recipes

People are a lot more aware of what they are eating and continue to become a lot more interested in healthy options. Also, meat-free and vegan diets become more and more popular with customers being a lot more focused on calories and other ingredients in foods.

Gain Pastry experience

Many chefs do not have enough training in pastry such as –  desserts, pastries and making bread. Sweets and bread are needed as part of any modern kitchen; building up your skills in this area will give you an edge.

Top Chefs Are Experts In Food Safety

The modern kitchen has many up to date, tight rules involving HACCP and health and safety. You can build up your skills in this area by taking extra short courses; some can be done online, by doing so you will have the skills to supervise others.

Top Chefs Train The Waiting Staff

Most waiting staff do not have a great idea of the product, the more you teach them about the foods origin, flavours and the methods of cooking, the better they will work for you.

Top Chefs Improve Their People Skills

Leadership can make the difference between an over stressed or under control team.

Build up your experience and skills in:

  • Good teamwork
  • Different person types
  • Anger control
  • Having effective meetings

In the modern kitchens, you will need to be able to work with all people no matter of age, race, sexual orientation or sex.

Top Chefs Communicate Well With The Senior Management

Also known as managing upwards, you need to work out the best way to make your case when you need more tools, staff changes, a change in working hours or even asking for a pay increase.

  • To do this well you will need
  • Prepare some written notes

Make an appointment: Be prepared to talk about the costs involved and how to sell the benefits of your requests.

How To Thrive In A High Pressured
Kitchen Environment?

Kitchens Are Hot

Are you looking forward to working as a chef? Then you must know the ins and outs of how to thrive in a high-pressure environment. Kitchens can be a pressured place to work for many chefs. So how do you handle working in a high pressured workplace.? Let’s take a look and how the kitchen pressure can be managed when becoming a chef.

Below mentioned are some of the most prominent reasons that indicate why working in a kitchen is a pressured environment for chefs to work.  And what you will be able to do in order to succeed in a pressured kitchen.

You Have To Stay On Top Of Health And Safety

When working as a chef, you will have to stay on top of health and safety. That’s because health violations can lead you towards the bad press, fines and even closures. This can bring in a lot of challenges to overcome. 

Why Is Working As A Chef So Stressful?

You Need To Be Extra Careful About The Quality When A Top Chef

Top level chefs are not provided with the freedom to make even a small mistake. A small mistake you do can create a direct impact on the quality of the food you prepare. In such a situation, you will come across a large number of negative consequences. Hence, you will need to put a lot of additional efforts in order to ensure quality.

You Have Tough Margins To Assure

In this competitive world, you will be provided with tough margins to assure while working as a chef. By working as a chef, you know it is an obstacle to overcome to achieve those margins. The restaurant will be putting a lot of pressure on you and it will aim to provide cost-effective meals that you prepare. Hence, you should be smart about the storage, sourcing, wastage and the way how you prepare food. By achieving these margins successfully you can stay on top of this goal.

You, Will, Have To Play The Role Of A Manager As Well

As a chef with their own business, you will not just be preparing food. There are instances, where you will get the need to play the role of a manager as well. That’s because you will be provided with the responsibility to take a look at the business component associated with the job that you do as well. When working as a manager, you should work on product sourcing, marketing, scheduling and staffing. Hence, you will have different problems and challenges to overcome every single day.

You Have To Expect The Unexpected

On a day where you will have to prepare food for 200 guests, one of the cooks will call you and tell that he is unable to work their shift. In such a situation, you will have to take his workload into consideration as well. This can be a challenge all chefs can face, so having a plan in place to overcome such circumstances is recommended.

How To Thrive In A Pressured Environment?

These are the main reasons a head chef role can be a great challenge to face. It is important to have a strong team behind you to delegate the tasks to. Work overload can happen, however learning to delegate tasks and trusting other chefs is a massive turning point that can help deal with a head chefs workload and the challenges that will arise during a head chefs day.


Best Chef Books By Professional Chefs
For Commis And Apprentices Best Chef Books For Commis Chefs

Are you a commis chef already working in the hospitality industry or have a dream of following a career as a chef. Also, there is a range of routes that can be taken to get into your dream career. And there are also many 1000’s of recipe and training books to choose from when on the road to becoming a chef and these best chef books will help you to get into a rewarding chef career.

Top 5 List Of Best Chef Books

I started my chef career in 1997 and throughout working in professional kitchens, there are a number of books that I have used time and time again.

Insiders Top 5 List Of Best Chef Books Are As Follows

Le répertoire de la cuisine

Le Repertoire de la cuisine is written by Louis Saulnier a student of Auguste Escoffier. The book is a reference guide to Escoffier’s classical French cooking. Also, the guide has been written in a simple way however you will need a basic understanding of cooking to use the recipes. Le Repertoire de la cuisine is a great book if you are looking for inspiration to come up with ideas for menus. The book comes with a short description, preparation and ingredients and has over 6000 recipes of classical French dishes to refer to. A simple handy book that is invaluable to anyone serious about becoming a professional chef.

Anthony Bourdain – kitchen confidential

Kitchen confidential is Anthony Bourdain’s honest look into the dark side of professional kitchens. He has written about secret behaviour that happens within the industry, at times it can be shocking. Also, this is a great book to read for anyone serious about getting into the industry. It may appal you, it will make you laugh, overall kitchen confidential is a must read for all chefs.

Best Chef Books

Gordon Ramsay – Passion for Flavour

Throughout my career, I have used 100’s of recipe books and in my opinion, the best recipes have always been Gordon Ramsay’s. He has a range of books, the one I have used the most and refer to over and over is Passion For Flavour. With over 100 recipes including stocks, sauces, pasta and desserts this is a must read the book for any professional chef.

Practical cookery

Practical cookery is a classic recipe book for commis chefs, apprentice chefs and work-based learners. Professional chefs have used practical cookery for over 50 years and matches the level 2 NVQ Diploma in professional cooking, the qualification taken by chefs in training. Also, the book has over 500 recipes with photographs covering the preparation, cooking and finishing techniques. Also, the book has detailed photos to show how the dishes should look. The recipes follow a step by step approach so that the techniques can be mastered.

How To Become A Chef

How to become a chef is the insider’s guide for anyone wanting to become a chef in the UK. The book will provide you with top tips and advice from a current working chef with over 19 years experience. Also the author of this guide, Chris Flatt has worked in many different styles of establishments and is superbly placed to give you all the information you need to become a chef.

The book covers areas including:

  • The range of training routes open to chefs.
  • Handy contact details.
  • The different routes you can take for gaining experience.
  • How to build and write a winning CV.
  • Also, the personal equipment required.

There are many thousands of recipe and training books out there. Although these are my top 5 books and are a great starting point for anyone wanting to become a chef. Also, a good tip is to use the recipe books from your favourite chefs and develop your own style.

The Top 7 Alternative Skills To Alternative Chef Skills
Learn From A Professional Chef

So it’s obvious you can learn to cook all the basic skills from a professional chef such as, cooking techniques, pasta skills, cake baking skills, vegetable preparation and cooking for speciality diets. There is a vast range of skills anyone can learn from an experienced chef. In addition, there are other skills that chefs use every day that is learnt through years of practice. To follow are my top 7 alternative skills to learn from a professional chef.

Knife Safety And Knife Skills

The most important tool for all chefs and cooks is the knife. First of all, there are a broad range of knives all useful for specific jobs. Knives include a chopping knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife. Throughout my career, I have used most styles of knives and have found the types that suit my style of work. Due to some knives being more comfortable to use than others and it’s not always the most expensive the better! Other areas include knife maintenance and knife safety.

Two – Three Course Meal Food Timings

To become a chef a vital skill is learning how to time the cooking and serving of ingredients and dishes. Meals can range from a one-course meal to a multi-course tasting menu. All ingredients need to be timed perfectly to serve a dish and the more ingredients and courses that are added the more complex it gets!! Such as, I am making a two-course meal of a soup starter and a pan fried fillet of fish with dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables. And In this meal I will have the soup prepared in advance, a soup is an easy first course as the work is done in advance. The fillet of fish will take a few minutes to cook and the potatoes will take a lot longer. Consequently, timings are essential to get this meal out on time and served correctly.

Team Work – Bonding

Professional Chefs learn how to work in teams early on and this is developed throughout the career. For a meal to be served to a customer it takes a team of chefs working together to get the dishes out. There is no choice, it’s a team effort or the wheels will fall off. Professional chefs are good at getting people to work together as one. Because there is a broad range of personalities and backgrounds that make up a kitchen brigade management skills have to be first class.

Following A Recipe

It seems obvious, just read it right! Wrong, this attitude can end up in mistakes being made. Recipes have to be read concisely and what happens if I don’t have the ingredient in stock that is in the recipe? Because this happens every day to chefs, we learn how to get around these obstacles.

Measuring Ingredients

Different recipes use measurements. Common measurements include Kilogrammes, grammes, litre, millilitre, cups, spoons, ounce and pounds!!! Due to this being overwhelming when cooking a new recipe, how many spoons in grammes or what exactly is a cup. By studying recipes for many years professional chefs understand all these issues.

Alternative Chef Skills

Health And Safety

Professional chefs become masters at health and safety in the kitchen. Also, there are so many areas to consider including, knife safety, fire training and food safety. Because a kitchen brigade will be working with gas appliances hot ovens and boiling liquids. Furthermore, all of these make the environment a hazardous place to work where health and safety laws need to be followed to prevent injuries.

Hygienic Food Preparation

It is important to get this right, safe food preparation is crucial to anyone who prepares food. High-risk areas such as cross-contamination are essential for a food handlers understanding. Cross-contamination is the spread of harmful bacteria from raw food to a food that will not be cooked. And also professional chefs know how to prepare and cook food hygienically. If you were to prepare a raw chicken breast on a board and then use the same chopping board or knife on a ready to eat food you can cause serious illness to whoever will be eating the food.

Hygienic Food Storage

it is important to understand safe food preparation and the correct storage methods. And why cooked foods should be chilled immediately and not left out on the surface overnight!! In professional kitchens, we use blast chillers, these rapidly chill foods to prevent the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, there are ways this can be achieved without a chiller. Many foods are stored incorrectly such as, eggs don’t need to be kept in the fridge! A good tip here is to take a note of where the foods are stored in your local supermarket. What they have kept in the fridges and the foods that are not.


A Commis Chef And Chef De Partie Jobs Role – Where Do They Work? A Commis Chef And Chef De Partie Jobs Role

Whether you are considering starting a rewarding career as a professional chef or you have already started on your culinary path there are many things you need to consider including: where can I work in a commis chef and chef de partie jobs role.

So a big decision you need to make is where are you going to work. There are many places that chefs can work and although it is highly recommended to start yourself off on the right foot and get the best foundation training possible.

This is done by training at the highest level of cooking you wish to do, do you want to work at a Brasserie level up to a 2 rosette level in the UK? or move up to the fine dining level at Michelin star and 3 rosette and up places.

If you are passionate, have a  natural talent, have a great desire to work with and be the best whilst giving 10 – 15 years of your life in training to become a world-class standard chef then the fine dining career could be for you.

On the other hand, if you want to work to a good standard and have a work-life balance. Then keeping yourself in the places working up to a 2 rosette standard will be more suitable.

Hospitality Opportunities In The UK 

In the UK the traditional places chefs work are the restaurants, hotels, pubs and contract caterers. The UK there are an estimated 187 000 of these places combined.

In 2016 there are currently 166 restaurants with 1 – 3 Michelin stars and 230 establishments with 3 rosettes and up, There are 230 restaurants at the fine dining level which is about a 0.1% of all traditional places in the UK.

However there is also a broad range of alternative places for chefs to work for information on Where Can I Work In A Commis Chef And Chef De Partie Jobs Role, these include:

Armed Forces,                                      


Premiership Football Stadiums                   A Commis Chef And Chef De Partie Jobs Role

Development kitchens


Corporate Companies

Law Firms

Cricket Grounds

Oil rigs


Cruise ships


Golf Clubs/Yacht clubs

Care Homes

Private House Holds

All These Are Opportunities For A Chef Career In The UK. Chefs Also Have The Opportunity Of Travelling All Over The World, Getting Paid And Experiencing Great Food.

Let’s take a look at a few of the alternative opportunities to give some examples of, where can I work in a commis chef and chef de partie jobs role?

British Armed Forces Chefs

British Army Chef

To become an army chef is an interesting choice of career for a chef. As a chef in the British army, you will be serving dishes to a broad range of people from the new recruits to royalty.

You will learn how to cook as a British army chef in the usual kitchen environment but also on the move in a pressured situation. You will learn the basic training soldiering skills and become a qualified chef.

Royal Navy Chef

To become a chef in the British Navy is a solid choice of career, once your basic training is complete a lot of opportunities will open up to you. Benefits of becoming a British navy chef include six weeks annual holiday, a house purchase scheme, with a starting salary up to £18000 and the potential to earn up to £48000.

Premiership Football Stadium Chefs

Many championships and premiership football stadiums have a catering team working at the club. As well as producing the food on the big match day there are also many other functions to cater for. From a small stand stall on the big match day serving simple food to first class VIP dining functions.

Ferries and Cruise ships chef jobs

There are many chef career opportunities on large cruise ships sailing around the world.  Also, there are many chef jobs on the smaller ferry companies to include cross-channel ferries offering a good salary.

Seasonal Jobs For Chefs

These types of jobs are fantastic for chefs. Seasonal jobs include winter ski seasons, summer seasons all over The Uk and Europe. There is also a range of other part-time jobs for chefs.

A Broad Range Of Other Companies 

There is a broad range of companies employing chefs these can be very diverse from World famous recording studios to London city law firms.

Oil Rig chef jobs

Becoming a chef on an oil rig is a very demanding job. However, all your costs are usually covered and the earnings can be at the higher end of an average salary Job.

We Have Lots More Information On Becoming A Chef In The Uk

Best Part Time Jobs For Any Aspiring ChefAspiring Chefs

Are you an aspiring chef? Whether you’re completely new to the foodservice industry or you’ve held a couple of similar positions in the past and are looking to improve your skills. You’ll need to know more about the employment options available that will help you improve your knowledge, training, and skills. While making a little bit of money at the same time. Below, you’ll find some of the best part-time jobs for anyone hoping to get their foot in the door as an aspiring chef.

Kitchen Porter

While not directly involved with food preparation, kitchen porters provide invaluable services for chefs, line cooks, and other kitchen staff. You will be responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and usable, washing pots and pans, cleaning dishes. And ensuring that food prep surfaces are cleaned and ready for use. This sort of position may only require a couple of days per week. And will help familiarize you with how workflows in a busy kitchen. The health and safety procedures the chain of command and a great deal more. It is one of the best part-time jobs for any aspiring chefs looking to get their foot in the door with no culinary training.

Kitchen Assistant

A kitchen assistant position is one of the best part-time jobs for aspiring chefs and will help you learn more about how work progresses within a commercial kitchen and more. This position will require that you clean tools and work surfaces, as well as food preparation surfaces. In some instances, you will do prep work for meals. Including partial cooking, as well as serving food in some instances. The specific job duties vary from one kitchen to another. But in all of them, you will learn a great deal about how a kitchen needs to work in order to serve diners and to uphold health and safety practices.

Aspiring Chefs


The title “cook” has as many different meanings as there are restaurants scattered across the UK. However, all of them play a compliant role to the chef as well as other senior kitchen staff. You might find work in any of a number of potential positions, from a sandwich maker to line cook. Note that this position generally does require some experience in a commercial kitchen. And will also usually require that you are able to work unsupervised while completing your duties in the kitchen. The position is usually very fast-paced. And you will need to be willing to work long hours with few or even no breaks in order to be successful. With that being said, it is one of the best part-time jobs in the industry.

Grill Chef

For those interested in moving their career forward, becoming a grill chef is an excellent step to take. Note that this position is not available in all restaurants, but in those that do require these chefs, you will be required to work the grill. Which may include cooking meats, vegetables and a number of other foods. Many of them will require assembling sandwiches, but this is not true for all positions with this title.

In the end, almost any position in the kitchen, or even the restaurant as a whole, can offer benefits depending on your experience level. The more familiar you are with the way workflows in a kitchen, sanitation practices and the like, the more easily you will find entry-level positions. From there, you simply need to master various stations and apply for a promotion as a chef de partie.

Building Experience Within The Industry

It is also about building experience within the industry as an aspiring chef. If you master several sections at one restaurant. And there is no way to move up, you can take that experience to another restaurant. And usually, apply for a better position than the one you left.

All of these can be the best part-time jobs. And each can be an excellent way to build the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to take your career to the next level. Even if you decide not to attend a culinary school.

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