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A Welcome From Christopher

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B.A.Chef UK is a niche website focused around the chef career in the hospitality sector UK

A portal for the chef career in the UK. Find out how to become a chef in the UK including training routes and moving forward.

  Hi, I’m Christopher Flatt I have experience working in professional kitchens all over the UK since 1996. This includes  rosette restaurants, luxury 5-star hotels and event caterers.  Working with a wide range of foods that specialise in the British/European style.  

  • If you want to find out what a commis chef is, or learning some building block cooking skills.
  • I have built this website and continue to develop the site to get info, advice and tips out there.

Christopher says:

“I never had a career path structure in my plan as I never started off in culinary school or had that mind set. For myself, I enjoyed being in the professional kitchen. I had the intention of doing washing up for a year or so and go back to college!!  

However, I found the sounds, the smells, the people and of course the food in kitchens was incredibly alluring. I also found that I would be able to practice my own skills learning mostly from observation and cooking books with a lot of trial and error. Although I completed the NVQ level 2 at the bistro style restaurant I was working at from 1997 – 2000 in Cambridge.

A massive bonus of this has been that I now have extensive experience and knowledge of working in a huge range of kitchens with all kinds of people and working on all the different sections.

From a simple pub style where I am pretty much doing everything from peeling potatoes to the desserts. And to my most recent placement of working as a CDP in an ultra luxury hip 5 star hotel in central London.


If a couple of these bullet points describes who you are, then chances are we will be a great fit for you.

  • You’re in a career you are not happy with and are looking to change career
  • You want to become an entrepreneur chef and need the information to get started
  • You’re currently looking to change your life and start a career you love
  • You want to learn the skills used by the professional chef.
  • Get your idea published in paperback books or on kindle with our publishing.
  • We set this up so you can sell your books to your audience and maximise your profit.
  • We have an extensive website full of information on the chef career in the UK. And also
  • A range of social channels with niche audiences.
  • Advertising space is available on these for extra brand exposure for your business.

I hope you enjoy my website : )
Many Thanks
Christopher Flatt

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