How To Become A Pastry Chef And How To Gain ExperienceHow To Become A Pastry Chef

How to become a pastry chef? Do you a passion for making desserts and enjoy making bread and cakes. Today is the right time to get yourself into a well paid and rewarding job as a pastry chef. The industry is growing and pastry chefs are in need.

Pastry chefs work in kitchens in hotels, restaurants, event caterers and many pastry chefs go onto running their own businesses. As a qualified pastry chef with experience, you also have the opportunity to travel all over the world. They will need to have trained at college and experience to get a good job.

Choosing the best courses is crucial to start on the path to a successful pastry chef career. And this can be achieved at a broad age range with perseverance and hard work.

What Is A Pastry Chef

Pastry chefs are the chefs who are designing and creating the desserts in a professional kitchen. They are also an essential cog in every professional kitchen. Mainly reporting directly to the head chef with ideas and creating menus. Head pastry chefs will have their own team of chefs depending on the size and quality of the restaurant.

Pastry chefs train specifically on the pastry section and are well respected in any kitchen.

Pastry chef salary

When researching how to become a pastry chef you will want to know the salary. The salary for the pastry chef will depend on the quality of the establishment and the area the restaurant is located. A pastry chef just starting out will be on a lower salary until they have experience behind them.

A qualified, experienced pastry chef will be on a good salary. With the highest earning pastry chefs being the chefs who have their own successful business. Also, the pastry chef with their own business has the best opportunity to be highly successful but will they will need to have great business skills as well as being a professional pastry chef.

An Average Pastry Chef Salary How To Become A Pastry Chef

  • Apprentice:                            £15000 – £17000
  • Experienced pastry chef:     £ 20000 – £25000
  • Head pastry chef:                 £ 35000 – £60000
  • Own business chef:              £35000 – £100000+

How To Become A Pastry Chef At Schools And Colleges

To have a successful pastry chef career there are two main ways to start your path on how to become a pastry chef. The first way is to start as an apprentice in a bistro or restaurant and work your way up the ladder when you have gained the skills and experience. The second way is to attend a specialised pastry school and complete a professional course. Professional courses for pastry chefs will usually last for one year but can go up to three years. Where you will learn all the secrets from pro cake decorators.


It is highly recommended to attend a pastry school and the best pastry schools will have contacts within the industry, which is crucial for gaining experience and a possible job offer once finishing the course. Having a great school behind you and a passion for becoming a pastry chef your pastry chef career will have a great foundation.

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Pastry chef job description

The pastry chef will be trained in making a broad range of baked foods. This may include pies, tarts, and bread all the way through to specially designed wedding cakes. The pastry chefs have the responsibility of creating recipes, ensuring all foods are made correctly to exacting recipes they will need to do all types of baking. Pastry chefs will generally be in charge of the whole section including managing their staff and dealing with suppliers.


Pastry chef jobs are mainly in busy restaurants and hotels where the pastry chef has the responsibility to create desserts and design the plating for them. Experienced chefs may also have an input into the drink suggestions that will go with the desserts.
The  job may also include working within bistros and bakeries, however, this will be on a smaller scale with the pastry chefs being in charge of the baking and occasionally making specialised products.


Bakeries are usually owned by pastry chefs, and these pastry chefs will have essential management and business skills as well as being professional pastry chefs.

Where Does The Career Path Lead

A pastry chef career is a well paid, rewarding choice of career for anybody with a passion for baking and creating imaginative desserts. With the hospitality industry growing in the UK this is also an in-demand job. Starting on the career ladder the salary can be low even after finishing college, but with perseverance and hard work, a successful career as a professional pastry chef is possible.

When a good foundation has been laid as a pastry chef and the chef wants to be a chefpreneur then this is a great choice of career path. A chef with the cooking skills and the business skills can go a long way.

Pastry chefs need to learn their skills to become highly skilled at baking and desserts, and the same needs to be learned on the business side. In the same way, the chef learns to cook they can also learn to run their own business. It is recommended to have guidance in running your own business and be prepared.

An online presence is essential for anybody starting a business today. A website is essential along with a social media presence, this can all be done cheaply when doing this yourself.


Preparation and perseverance are an essential key to success.

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