Professional Chef Knives All Chefs Need To Consider

Common Knives Used By Professional Chefs In The Kitchen

Professional Chef Knives 

Professional chef knives are the most important tool for any chef. The kitchen knives a professional chef uses will need to be kept in good condition and it is essential to keep them sharp at all times.

Chef Knife And Chopping Block

A chef knife set will be made up of a selection of knives so that the chef can do the job precisely and safely.

Want To Skip Ahead?

Professional chef knives are safer when they are kept sharp and keeping them sharp at all times is highly recommended.

Did you know that the kitchen knives a professional chef uses should never be put through a dishwashing machine and need to always be hand washed carefully and safely.

How To Stay Safe In The Kitchen

Safety in the kitchen is crucial and chefs have to be aware of the dangers associated with using kitchen knives, how to store kitchen knives safely. The kitchen knives that all professional chefs use, have to be worked with quickly and safely.

A chef will have to practice all the skills they have learnt and all the different ways the chef knives will be used.

Practice is the key to learning all the skills a professional chef will need to work successfully and become a skilled chef. This is no different with the knife skills a professional chef will need to work them efficiently.

Chef Cutting With Chopping KnifeThe Best Professional Chef Knives And Knife Sets

The Kitchen knives that a professional chef will require to work can be purchased individually or as a set. A set means a selection of knives purchased together generally at a reduced price.

When starting on a chef career it is recommended to try out different styles and makes of knives to find the brand that is suited to your own needs.

The kitchen knives a professional chef uses will vary in quality and the higher the quality of knife the higher the lifetime of the knife will be.

Two Of The Most Popular Brands Of Knives

Global knives are a very good brand of Japanese knives, they are a higher quality knife and come in a complete range of knives. These knives can be purchased individually or in a range of sets. The sets come in a range of sizes to suit all professional chefs requirements.

Wusthof Knives And The Wusthof Knife Set

Wusthof knives are a very good brand of German knives, they are a higher Chef Cutting Salmon With A Knifequality knife and come in a complete range of knives.

These knives can be purchased individually or in a range of sets. The sets come in a range of sizes to suit all professional chefs requirements.- – 

Best Professional Chef Knives To Make Up A Chef Knife Set

– Filleting Knife

The filleting knife is specifically designed for the filleting of fish. This is a very flexible and a strong knife.

– Chefs Knife

This knife will be the knife that you will be using for your day-to-day work, including vegetable preparation. It is important to find a style that you feel comfortable working with.

– Carving Knife

The carving knife is used for the carving of meats and can be used in conjunction with the carving fork

– Bread Knife

A bread knife is a sturdy serrated knife used for the slicing of bread.

– Cheese Knives

The cheese knife has a unique design. The cheese knife is specifically designed for the slicing of portions of cheese

Small Knife Chopping Onion

Butcher Knives

The butcher knives are used for any butchery work that will need to be done. Many chefs will have to work on butchering tasks at some point. These two butcher knives are the basic knives for butchery skilled work.

– Boning Knife

The Boning knife is easy to sharpen a knife with a comfortable grip. They are ideal for removing the bones from poultry and meats.

– Butcher Knife

A strong knife used by butchers in the cutting of tough pieces of meat.

Knife Sharpeners

Knife sharpeners are essential and are needed by all chefs. There are two types a honing steel and a diamond fine sharpening steel.

Professional Chef  May Use Japanese Style Knives

– The Sushi Knife   Prepared Sliced Sushi Rolls

The sushi knife is a knife specifically designed for the use by sushi chefs in the preparation
of sushi products.

 The Best Chef Knives And Kitchen Equipment

 A description of the best chef knives and kitchen equipment all chefs will need to work in any busy professional kitchen. Also, professional chefs wear a uniform known as chef whites.

The Best Chef Knives and Kitchen Equipment ALL Professional Chefs Use

The Chef Knife Roll

A knife roll is used to keep your knives and personal utensils safe, they are a safe way of transporting knives. Also, this is an essential piece of equipment for every chef.

The Essential Best Knives To Work With As A Professional Chef

Great quality knives are CRUCIAL to the smooth running of all kitchens

The main types of knives all chefs will need in a professional kitchen:

Chefs Knife            A main knife used for day to day work;

Serrated knives    A  knife adaptable for many jobs, used mainly for slicing;

Filleting knives     An essential knife for working with fish;

Carving knife         A knife used for the carving of meats;

Carving fork           Used in conjunction with the carving knife, to hold the meat steady;

Boning knife           An essential knife used for the boning of meats.

Sharpening steels – Honing steel – Diamond steel

Sharpening steels are an essential piece of equipment. Furthermore the steels will keep all knives sharp with the honing steel giving a honed finish and the diamond steel giving a refined sharpness to any knife.


Personal Tools And Equipment

The main personal tools that chefs need to work in a professional kitchen along with a concise description.

Peelers                       A  tool in any kitchen for the peeling of fruit and vegetables;

Palette knives           Can be used for many jobs, primarily used by the pastry chef;

Turner/fish slice      An essential tool for every chef used for the turning of foods;

Temp probes            Used to cook foods to exacting temperatures;

Micro plane                Needed for the grating of ingredients including citrus zest;

Pin boners                 An essential tool that removes small bones in fish;

Scissors                      A good pair of scissors are highly recommended.

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