Chef de Rang Team

What is a Chef de Rang?

What is a Chef de Rang?

The chef de rang is the waiter in charge of a specific section in a restaurant.

A chef de rang will be working under the maitre d also known as the head waiter. And the maitre d will be overseeing customer service in the restaurant.

A similar term to the chef de partie, however a very different position.

In addition, this role is not a chef in the kitchen but a role that focuses on giving excellent customer service.

Restaurants will be divided up into sections. Due to this, a restaurant may have 4 sections each with 2 tables in a section. The chef de rang will be looking after a specific section of 2 tables.

Where Are Chef De Rang’s Employed?

This position will mainly be employed in quality restaurants. “Rang”  is a french term and simply translated means the section of tables that the chef de rang will be looking after.

Another job in this position will be looking after all the customer’s needs at a specific section in the restaurant. Needs will include special dietary requirements such as a vegan diet.

What Are The Working Conditions?

Furthermore, the job role will require a lot of walking and standing. Tasks include walking guests to their seats, serving the guests with excellent customer service skills.

Also there maybe a lot of heavy lifting of trays, taking the customers dishes from the kitchen to the tables.

While the restaurant will usually have a quiet and relaxed atmosphere whilst the kitchen will be busy and noisy.

The uniform may be provided by the hotel or restaurant. Although you may be required to have a clean pair of black trousers and a white shirt.

Due to this, the uniform will give a professional look to the staff in the restaurant.

Tableside preparation may be required such as, a whole Dover sole that needs to be filleted and served at the table.

What Is A Chef de Rang?

There are two main levels:

Demi chef de rang
A demi will be learning a specific section of the kitchen working under the chef de rang. While the demi will be doing the basic jobs whilst learning all the aspects of the job role.

Chef de rang
The Chef de rang will be the most experienced in this job role within the
team.  They will have an understanding of all aspects of the job and most noteworthy will have excellent customer service skills.

They will be employed by a quality establishment, which will include a restaurant, hotel, or cruise ship.

The key personal attributes a person will need to have and develop in this job role include. Having a high level of personal appearance, being calm under pressure.

Also to have a passion for giving excellent customer service and having the key skill in managing people.

As a result, all these skills will be required  to develop in this position.

What Qualifications Does This Job Role Require?

This position does not require a formal qualification. And can be taken with relevant experience in a quality hotel or restaurant.

Although a diploma in hotel and catering will be an advantage over other candidates who have no certificates.

Furthermore, this job will need excellent customer service skills. And relevant experience in high-end places and an understanding of food ingredients and wines being desirable.

Where Do Chef De Rang Work?

The most common of establishments where chef de rang’s will be employed include. A restaurant, hotels followed by cruise ships.

Most of all this job role will require an organised person to take orders and understand each guest’s needs.

Because they may need to change a dish to suit the guests taste and communicate this with the kitchen.

Also, communication skills are important. Therefore these will help to interact with the guests, chefs in the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant team.

The person in this position will give the highest levels of customer service making sure guests are happy.

Other tasks will include the setting and clearing of tables and take payments from the guests.

 They will also be responsible for any other duties laid out within the job description following the company’s policies.

 Where Can A Chef de Rang Go From Here And The Average Salary?

Also once a good amount of experience has been gained and has developed excellent customer service skills they may be chances to move into a higher position.

Finally, the next position up the ladder will be the maitre d’ also known as the head waiter. In large hotels or restaurants, they may be other ways to advance such as middle-level management.

Below is an average salary in the UK:

Demi                                               £17000 – £19000   Average salary = £17500

Chef de rang                                £19000 – £23000    Average salary = £21000