Chef Wear That Makes Up The Clothing Of A Chefs Uniform / Whites? Chef Wear Uniform Whites

Chef wear or chef whites are the traditional names for the uniform but nowadays the uniform can be altered to fit in with the branding of the individual companies, the traditional name has never changed.

Today’s up to date chef’s uniform is designed for the chef’s comfort and safety in mind. Also, the chef uniform needs to adhere to certain strict Health and Safety regulations which include:

  • The materials being fire retarded;
  • The chef wear will protect from splashes, spills and burns;
  • Non-Stick safety shoes need to be worn and ideally with a steel toe cap due to safety when lifting heavy objects.

The chef uniform remains a standard in the food industry and the tradition of wearing the uniform dates back to the mid-19th century.

Why Do Chefs Wear Chef Whites, The Traditional Uniform Worn By The Kitchen Brigade?

Consequently nowadays with advances in materials the chef wear is a lot more comfortable for the chef’s, and with safety in mind. Sticking to the strict Health And Safety regulations.

Marie-Antoine Careme, is credited with developing the current traditional chef’s uniform, he was a famous chef from the 19th Century

 A Brief History Of Chef Wear / Whites

The chef’s uniform also known as chef whites is a traditional uniform worn by the kitchen brigade.

Chef wear includes a traditional hat called a toque, white double-breasted jacket and checkered / cargo pants.
Chef whites have developed and nowadays are designed for the comfort of chefs.

“The 100 folds of the chef’s hat (torque) are said to represent the many different ways a chef knows how to cook an egg”

 Clothing Needed For A Chef’s Uniform

 Chef Trousers

Checked and Black Chef Trousers Are Used In The UK

The trousers are checked or black and made of a light comfort fitting material, the dark colours will conceal minor stains which are intended to signify cleanliness. These could be worn by senior staff to indicate that they have a senior position. With junior members wearing the checked trousers. The different trousers may also be used to identify full-time staff from the casual staff.

 Chef Jackets

 Chefs Jackets Can Be Custom Made Or Personalised In The UK

The jacket is double-breasted so that it can be reversed due to the ability to hide stains, the light material helps to keep the chefs comfortable when working next to the heat of the stove and oven and protects from the boiling liquids. The jackets use stud buttons so they can be removed before the frequent washing that the uniform will go through.

Two Main Types Of Chef Hat

The Disposable Paper Hats And The Caps Which Can Be Personalised Or Custom Made

The chef’s hat (torque) is available in different heights which may indicate rank within the kitchen.

Chef hats were already in use, but he designed a uniform to honour the chef. To symbolise cleanliness he chose the colour white.

Georges Auguste Escoffier brought the traditional chef coat to London when he managed the Savoy hotel and afterwards the Carlton Hotel.

 Professional Chef Aprons

 The Types Include The White Apron, Bib Apron, And Customised Aprons

The reasons why chefs wear a cooking apron include;

  • Due to all the cooking and preparation work being done throughout the day. The aprons will keep the chef’s clothing free from dirt stains and odour’s;
  • Aprons can be changed quickly if needed.

Aprons come in many different styles, but mainly the bib apron or white apron are used. These can also be customised to fit with a companies branding.

 Chef Shoes

 The Best Chef Shoes Will Be Comfortable And Non-slip

 It is very important to choose a comfortable pair of shoes to wear in the kitchen. Due to the chefs being on their feet for the whole day and a great pair of shoes will help with the comfort of the chef.

Non-slip soles are essential due to the hazards within a busy kitchen environment. Also, it is advised to use a padded inner sole for the shoe.

 For more information and pictures of hats, trousers, shoes and jackets and where to buy click here 

 The Chefs Uniform

The chefs uniform also known as the chef whites is a traditional uniform, with the more modern style dating back to the 19th century.

Chef whites have improved a long way since the 19th century. The chef’s safety and comfort are essential for the health and safety of the kitchen brigade.

Furthermore, up to date regulations and laws have improved this no end and will keep on doing so. The uniform now uses more comfortable materials that are easily washable.

Also, a great set of chef whites is crucial for anyone becoming a chef today with a great comfortable pair of shoes.


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