Chef De Partie Kitchen Positions And ResponsibilitiesChef De Partie Kitchen Positions

A chef de partie is the chef within the kitchen brigade that will be working on the various sections. The chef de partie kitchen positions are above the commis chef and below the sous chef. There are variously sized kitchen brigades depending on the size of the workplace. Also, a 5-star hotel in central London will have a much larger kitchen brigade than a gastropub in the Cotswolds. After you have gained experience you also have the opportunity of becoming a personal or private chef.

Furthermore, the five-star hotels may have several restaurants serving food, this may be a fine dining restaurant, a bar/casual dining restaurant, a banqueting restaurant and a staff food restaurant. Each of these restaurants will have its own kitchen team. Whereas the smaller workplaces will have only one restaurant and a single kitchen team.

The Main Chef De Partie Kitchen Positions

Vegetable / Garnish Section
The vegetable/garnish section is the section preparing the vegetables and garnishes for dishes. This may be the making of mash potato or washing of spinach.

This section may have a chef de partie working on it, in the higher quality and larger kitchens although a strong commis chef or demi chef de partie may be working this section in the smaller brigades.

Larder / Cold Starters
The larder section is the section preparing the salads and cold starters. There may be some heating of foods required, however hot starters such as soups will be served from the sauce/ hot section. A chef de partie will be working and running this section and may have a commis chef too.

Also in the smaller sized kitchen brigades, the larder section may also be preparing and serving the desserts. In this case, the larder section will need a strong chef de partie who is well organised.
Chef De Partie Kitchen Positions

Sauce / Meat

The sauce section will be preparing and cooking the meats, stocks, soups, sauces and hot starters. The sauce section may have a number of chef de parties working on it depending on the restaurant size.

The hot section is for chef de parties with established cooking skills and a few years of good experience, this will be the hottest section of the kitchen to work on due to the cooking equipment.

The fish section will be the preparing and cooking of the fish, that may include fish starters and will have a chef de partie working the section. While in the smaller kitchen brigades the fish prep and cooking may be done on the sauce/meat section.

The grill section can be part of the saucer section, with a strong chef de partie working the section. A grill section will be mainly used in the large restaurants with high customer turnovers.

The pastry section can vary in size depending on the size and quality of the kitchen. In the smaller kitchens the pastry work will be done by the chef de parties on larder and the larger kitchens a full pastry team will be needed. As a result, this will include a head pastry chef and a number of chef de parties as needed.

The floater is a chef de partie who will mainly be working due to busy times and will help out on whichever section needs jobs to be completed at that moment.

 Tips For Applying For A Chef De Partie Job

There are various chef de partie kitchen positions within a kitchen brigade, this will depend on the size and quality of the kitchen. It is a good idea to know how a kitchen operates when applying for a chef de partie job.

Finally, in some kitchens the chef de parties will be rotated around the sections every few months or on menu changes, in others, a chef de partie may find themselves on the larder section for a long period of time. Whatever path you have set for your career there will be a suitable kitchen for you to achieve your goals.


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