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Jobs in a Professional Kitchen

Warmer weather will be coming round soon, and colleges and universities will be starting their summer breaks. It’s time to relax a little, but it’s also time to consider summer student jobs. You’ll need to earn a little spending money, as well as some cash to get you through the next term and help with things like book costs, rent, food and more. When it comes to finding summer student jobs, professional kitchens can be the best place to look. You’ll actually find a number of positions here that are ideal for students interested in part-time work. Many of them can translate into higher-paying jobs in the foodservice industry in the future, as well.

Summer Student Jobs In Hospitality

Kitchen Porter

It’s not glamorous, but a position as a kitchen porter can be one of the best summer student jobs available. The hours are flexible, and the work is relatively varied. Kitchen porters may have a number of different responsibilities depending on the restaurant in question, and they may include the following:

  • Stocking the fridges
  • Stocking the freezer
  • Washing pots and pans
  • Washing plates and another crockery
  • Cleaning tables and chairs
  • Cleaning cooking tools and kitchen equipment
  • Removing waste from the kitchen
  • Cleaning work and food preparation surfaces
  • Food preparation

Kitchen Assistant

The kitchen assistant position sometimes includes responsibilities usually delegated to kitchen porters, but this can still be one of the best summer student jobs in the foodservice industry. Kitchen assistants, while still responsible for cleaning and sanitation, as well as for ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed, generally focus on more food-centred responsibilities and duties, such as:

  • Pre-making particular items, including stocks, soups and sauces for later shifts
  • Preparing dishes under the instruction of a chef or sous chef
  • Support chefs in creating dishes, plating food and moving food to be served to diners
  • Cold food presentation
  • Cleaning tools and equipment
  • Cleaning dishes, pots, pans and more
  • Washing down counters and cleaning food preparation surfaces
  • Once you have some basic skills in cooking, you can even look into making money from your creations. Consider baking cakes for fellow students and charging a fee for your products.

Summer Student Jobs

Waiting Staff

You knew this one was coming. The fact remains that being part of a restaurant’s waiting staff can definitely be one of the best summer jobs for students for a number of different reasons. The schedule is very flexible. There’s the potential to earn a lot of money in tips. You can translate waiting staff experience into jobs in any number of other restaurants, as well. Of course, the right restaurant will also offer a fast-paced, fun environment that’s actually enjoyable to work in.

Bar Staff

Bar staff general serves drinks, but some also serve food. In fact, the work can be quite varied and will consist of things that range from cleaning barware and taps to serving patrons to cleaning the floors, bar counter, stools and more. Bar staff positions can be incredibly varied and offer flexible schedules as well as the chance to earn a decent wage (plus tips in many instances). Make sure to consider event bar staff positions as well, particularly during summer festivals throughout the UK.

These are just a few of the best summer student jobs in professional kitchens and restaurants in general. Not only will these positions provide you with an income during the summer months, but many of them can translate into higher-paying, better positions down the road. For instance, it is only a short step from being a kitchen assistant to being a cook, and then to becoming a chef. A summer job can very easily open up new avenues in terms of potential lifelong careers, particularly if you are interested in cooking food.

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