Silicone Cookware For Baking And CookingSilicone Cookware For Baking And Cooking In The Professional And Home Kitchen

Silicone cookware has been around for many years. Furthermore, it has become a common piece of equipment in professional kitchens. The trend has started to grow in the home kitchen with many home chefs using silicone cookware. Due to many home cooks taking up baking and cooking.

There are many shows on television nowadays showing the ways in which chefs get their cooking and baking results. Many people are watching these shows and are picking up the methods used and look to use these methods at home.

One method that is commonly seen on shows such as Masterchef, Celebrity bake off or one of the other TV shows is the method that use silicone baking equipment.

Silicone tools have been used for many years in professional kitchens. And the trend for using these items of equipment grows in the home kitchens. Using silicone bakeware is a very effective way of cooking and baking. Also, the cookware will help reduce wastage and costs. Due to the equipment being able to be reused over and over again.

This type of cooking tool has many uses in the kitchen include cooking, baking and used as molds for cold desserts.

What Is Silicone Cookware Including Mats, Molds and Cups?

Silicone cooking and baking equipment is a rubber-like material that can withstand high temperatures. The pieces of silicone tools used in cooking and baking include silicone mats, silicone moulds, silicone sheets, pans and cups.

Furthermore, his type of bakeware is very easy to use for new cooks and trained chefs, it is nonstick, flexible and very easy to clean. The silicone cookware for baking and cooking can be used over and over again lasting for long periods.

How To Clean Silicone Mats, Molds And Cups

A great advantage of silicone cookware is that it is easy to clean, there is no need for oil or butter most silicone equipment before using as it is made with a non-stick material. At times when using cups or moulds some foods are much easier to take out of the silicone moulds if sprayed with a low-fat oil.

Silicone cookware can be washed quickly by hand and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

When cooking some foods it is a good idea to spray molds or cups with a low fat oil spray.

How Can Silicone Cookware Be Used In The Professional And Home Kitchen?

Silicone cookware is mainly used for cooking and baking foods in the oven and can handle high temperatures used in most recipes. For example, silicone equipment can be used to make loaves of bread in bread moulds to using silicone mats when making macaroons or biscuits.

Silicone cookware mats molds and cups can all be used in fridges and freezers to set desserts.

This is ideal for setting cold desserts.  Such as jellies, pannacotta or mousses and these desserts can be easily removed from the silicone moulds. Silicone mats come in a few sizes. Although they can be easily cut into smaller squares or shapes to fit a range of different sized trays. Silicone equipment is a very useful kitchen tool being used by home cooks. And all the way up to the top pastry chefs in the UK.

Silicone Cookware For Baking And Cooking

 How Much Does Silicone Cookware Cost?

Silicone kitchen equipment is a cost-effective tool to use in the kitchen and helps to reduce wastage. Using this type of kitchen tool there will be less damage and wastage of foods. Due to the non-stick material and can be used over and over again. Many chefs use non-stick parchment paper for cooking and baking, a quality parchment paper can be used only once in many cases.

Switching to silicone mats will reduce wastage as these mats can be used many times. Silicone cooking equipment is sold individually or in sets, with an average price of a baking mat being £12  –  £20.

Silicone moulds and cups can be priced from about £10 each.

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