Pay Your Student Fees by Baking Paying Student Fees
Products for Fellow Students

Perhaps you are a student with some cooking skills and laughed out loud when you read that title above. “Sure,” you might have scoffed, “I’ll pay my student fees with cookies!”. Here’s the thing, according to Forbes, it is entirely possible!. Described as side gigs and side hustles, using your unique skills to fill a niche is a beneficial choice.

Using Baking Skills To Pay Student Fees

Consider this, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 5.8 million people between the ages of 25 and 64 held down multiple jobs in 2014.” The story went on to describe how one woman created a special-order sugar cookie business. This enabled her, and her spouse, to renovate an old house without mortgaging away their futures.

How To Hustle Out Of Student Debts

So, a student facing term fees or piles of tuition related expenses might be able to reasonably side hustle their way to a zero balance. And a degree without ending up in student debt. While the time she spent on her products might not work for the average student (roughly eight to twelve hours on some batches). The concept of selling baked goods to fellow students is a fantastic one.

How can you do it? It takes a few easy steps. And an initial outlay of cash and work, but once you get the ball rolling, it is probably going to remain in motion – or even accelerate.

Some Steps To Start Paying Your Student Fees

It should begin with you in the kitchen baking your specialities. You’ll then want to develop favourable word of mouth marketing. The best way to do that is to fill said mouths with your best baked goods. This means samples or freebies to those who you hope to convert into your army of customers and marketers. In the world of marketing, this can be called your disciples. But you’ll think of them more as your biggest fans just spreading the word.

Once you find out if you can legally sell your goods to fellow students, you can begin to develop a formal business. If your school frowns on this practice, you probably have access to a farmer’s market. And you can use all of the same steps we give here to promote visits to your stall. This will cost more as you’ll need to rent a space, but it may still pay off.

Paying Student Fees

Keep in mind that fellow students may not be overly eager for fancily decorated cakes, cupcakes or cookies. Many might want really great bread and more wholesome baked goods unavailable to them elsewhere. Do the market research. Find the niche that needs to be filled and then take the time to develop killer recipes. Your test market is right there at your fingertips, so take the time to find out what will sell like hotcakes.

What Do Bakers Really Think About This Idea

Consider what one Baker says about this: “For university students and young people alike, baking real bread is wonderful. It is a great way to break up those long tedious days of essays and coursework. It is not only a creative outlet but a great way of feeding yourself, your friends and your housemates – on a budget…Real bread is full of vitamin B which is both brain and liver boosting (helps with hangovers!), and all that therapeutic kneading is perfect for pre-exam stress relief.”

How To Get The Customers Interested 

Whether you do end up a bread baker or the king or queen of cupcakes and cookies, be sure your goods are signature items. Also then create a fan following. A Facebook page, Twitter account to announce fresh batches or take orders. A Pinterest page to tease, and a website or blog for information will ensure success. Remember to go old school with business cards to post in local businesses and even loyalty cards – offering freebies after someone buys a certain amount.

Remember to spend a good amount of time figuring out the right prices too. This is a hurdle that crashes some bakers. Look at what other bakeries charge, what it costs to produce each item and then stick with your prices. Why? According to one freelance baker, “If you’re just taking special orders, the bakers estimated you can earn between £150 and £300 per month; if you’re working 20 hours per week, £600 to £900; and if you start baking lots of [speciality] cakes, much, much more”

Earning a few hundred pounds per month is a wonderful way to tackle student fees and even create a door into a new career!


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