A Look at the Many Gap Year Jobs in the Gap Year JobsHospitality Industry

Taking a break before you enrol in college or university? Gap years can provide a needed break from the world of studies. This allows you to de-stress and relax before plunging headlong back into your studies. However, you will definitely need income during this period. There’s good news. Gap year jobs in the hospitality industry can provide not just an income, but a fun environment in which to work. And may actually whet your appetite for a career in this industry.

What Are Some Of The Best Gap Year Jobs In The Hospitality Industry?

Front Of House Staff

You’ll find a number of front of house positions available for gap year students. These range from five-star properties to local bars and restaurants. Front of house staff range from waiters and waitresses to cloakroom staff to reception staff and much more. Generally, they are all “front of the house” positions, and you will not work in the kitchen. Depending on the company in question, you may be able to set your own schedule and work as many (or as few) hours as you like. However, many places do offer set schedules for those who want predictable rotas.

Catering Assistant

Enjoy working with both food and people? If that sounds interesting, one of the many gap year jobs to consider would be working as a catering assistant. You may be called on to perform a number of duties, including food prep and cooking, setup, teardown, serving food and drink at an event or venue, equipment transport and a great deal more. Interestingly, many people actually move from a catering assistant position to becoming an apprentice cook. And then work their way up to being a full-time chef.

Hotel Housekeeping

While not a glamorous position. There is a significant amount of demand for housekeeping staff in hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and more. You may be responsible for a broad range of duties, including stocking sundries and supplies in guest room. Vacuuming and cleaning, removing bedding and making beds, tidying and cleaning counters, tables and furniture and more. Of course, housekeeping staff also work washing machines, clean dishes. Also, maintain common areas on the property and more.


Landscaping and Maintenance

All hospitality properties have a need for landscaping and maintenance staff. This position may require that you mow the lawn or trim weeds, prune hedges and trees, remove trash and debris, eliminate waste and more. Note that these positions are most common with large resorts, as well as small properties that cannot afford to outsource their needs to a landscaping or maintenance company.

Cook or Chef

Among the best gap year jobs in the hospitality industry, cook and chef positions provide you with the means to get hands-on experience in the kitchen. Many hotels, restaurants, pubs and other businesses need staff with only minimal experience cooking in order to assume entry-level cook jobs.This can also be a great summer job for some extra cash. You may be required to work the grill and cook meats and vegetables. You may find a role as a sandwich maker, or as a chef’s assistant. There are many, many cooking-related roles to be filled within these properties, and you’ll find that they can all provide you with skills, knowledge and experience needed to move forward in the food service industry and move on to become a full chef in your own right.

Gap year jobs can be fun, can allow you to travel the world and experience other cultures, and can be both personally and financially rewarding. While many people will move on to other industries afterwards, gap year jobs in the hospitality industry can also lay the foundation for a rewarding career.


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