Chef’s Finally Reveal the Secret to the Best Chocolate Cakes They Have Ever Made Best Chocolate Cakes Ever

Google a search for the best chocolate cakes…no, go ahead, we’ll wait.

Surprising, isn’t it? There seem to be thousands upon thousands of opinions and recipes just waiting for you to try including many for chocolate cakes. Though that would be one of the most enjoyable challenges. You still want to fit into your clothes at the end of the next few weeks. So, to help you figure out just which recipes might satisfy your chocolate cravings. or keep everyone at your dinner table seated. We’ve looked at some celebrity (and a few non-celebrity) chefs’ recipes for the best chocolate cakes they’ve had.

Robyn Stone Who Published The “Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever”

Let’s start with the lesser known foodies like Robyn Stone who published the “best chocolate cake recipe ever”. And said that the key to success was the use of espresso powder in the cake batter and the icing. Saying it “elevate the flavours. In much the same way as vanilla extract and I now think of it as an essential part of my spice cabinet”. She offers a dense and decadent cake for those who enjoy the hint of coffee with their chocolate.

Another Popular Blogger At My Baking Addiction

Another popular blogger at My Baking Addiction relied also on that hint of coffee for an exceptional cake. But opted for a full cup of strong coffee rather than espresso powder. Additionally, her take on perfect chocolate cake got an unexpected twang of tanginess from buttermilk.

Best Chocolate Cakes Ever

The Professional Chef Territory

Now heading into the professional chef territory, we discover a remarkably odd ingredient that international chef Jasper Mirabile revealed in the Kansas City Star. Having been asked for years about his chocolate cakes. Which he credited to his mother’s secret recipe. He finally decided to let people know just what made the cakes so incredibly moist and decadent. What was the secret ingredient to the best chocolate cake? Mayonnaise. Used to replace oil typically incorporated into a cake batter, it gives it a richer and incredibly balanced texture and crumb.

International Celebrity Chefs Favourite Chocolate Cakes

Now, if we want to go right to the top in terms of international celebrity chefs and their favourite cakes. We can always turn to the world-famous Wolfgang Puck. A noted chef for decades, his food is often a California fusion noted for healthy and bright flavours. Not many think of dense and rich cakes when they hear his name. But he did supply the curious with the recipe for his favourite chocolate cake. What is the secret? What is the unexpected ingredient? Actually, it is what is missing that makes his favourite cake so delicious. He has said that he loves “the simple things in life, like this flourless chocolate cake, which is made with just a few ingredients and tastes amazing.”

It is important to use the very best chocolate available as it is the main flavouring in the cake and served with a few berries or dash of plain whipped cream, it is sure to delight.

Sour Cream Makes This Chefs Favourite Recipe

Chef Divya Burman says that sour cream is what makes the cake with her favourite recipe, ensuring it is both fast to make and holds its dense and moist texture. However, it is chefs Aditya Bal and Devanshi who offer what is easily one of the richest and most unique chocolate cake recipes. What is their secret ingredient? There is more than one – with a hint of maple syrup, coffee and rum, this cake is dense and just as appealing to look at as it is delicious to eat.

You now have the soon-to-be chefs interpreting the best chocolate cake recipes and the world-famous chefs explaining the secret to their chocolate cake success stories. Go ahead and sample them and enjoy all your hard work!

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