5 Secrets To Professional Cake DecoratingProfessional Cake Decorating Secrets 

Whether you are new to the joys of baking and cake decorating or you are someone who doesn’t hesitate to volunteer to make a fancy cake for an event. It is likely that you still would like some insider secrets. Many already know about lining the space around the cake (between the plate and the cake itself) with strips of wax paper to ensure a clean presentation. And many have also already discovered that meringue buttercream (as opposed to standard buttercream) is far more forgiving. Still, there are many other surprising tips that pros provide to those eager to make flawless cakes. So, let’s take a look at five of the best:

1. Crumb Coat or Go Home

Ask any professional baker about the crumb coat and they will all tell you it is an essential part of a beautifully decorated cake. Regardless of the behaviour of your frosting. The crumb coat will serve as a protective layer between the cake and that silken finishing layer.

How is it done? While you can use a cooled cake and frosting, most experts say that a chilled cake (give it an hour in the fridge) is even better. Then you just apply a super thin layer of the icing on the cake. This will be a bit messy and crumby, but you then return it to the fridge for another ten to fifteen minutes. You may want a second crumb coat if the cake seems to be shedding – and a second chill.

Once the frosting dries, you will find a flawless surface to place the perfect icing.

2. Turntables Are Essential For Cake Decorating

Don’t listen to anyone who says pros won’t use such gadgets as turntables. They absolutely do, and most rely on them for even the most casual icing jobs because they deliver a measure of control and consistency that nothing else can match. While you are at it. If you want the very best outcome with a turntable, invest in an offset spatula as well.

Professional Cake Decorating Secrets

3. And About That Spatula…

Another top tip is to heat the tools – especially the spatulas – with a quick dip into hot water before using them. Dunk the tool, dry it and then use it to apply or finish the frosting. Why? That mild heat actually melts the frosting a bit. And helps to even it out and create a smooth finish.


4. Another Top Tool

The turntable and offset spatulas are essential, but so too is an ice cream scoop. The pros are able to add the exact same amounts of icing between the layers of any cake by using the handy ice cream scoop. If you’ve wondered how this precision occurred. It is more than likely that your baker has used such a tool when making layer cakes.


5. Master the Swirl

Another unique tip from top cake decorators is to learn to do the swirl finish. This is that lovely and elegant swirl decoration appearing on some of the finest cakes. If you don’t have time to do a lot of fancy piping or decorative work. A precise icing and a swirl at the top is often a fantastic way to create a formal look without a lot of, well…formality.

Once you have these basic, fail-proof tactics in your arsenal, it is time to consider expanding your repertoire. The very best professional cake decorators say that they are always learning. So be sure that you try out the latest techniques, master some of the trendiest designs or styles. And always look for ways to improve upon your existing skill set. You will be amazed at how quickly you can decorate like a pro.


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