Chef Knives The Best Chef Knives And Kitchen Equipment

 A description of the best chef knives and kitchen equipment all chefs will need to work in any busy professional kitchen. Also, professional chefs wear a uniform known as chef whites.

The Best Chef Knives and Kitchen Equipment ALL Professional Chefs Use

The Chef Knife Roll

A knife roll is used to keep your knives and personal utensils safe, they are a safe way of transporting knives. Also, this is an essential piece of equipment for every chef.

The Essential Best Knives To Work With As A Professional Chef

Great quality knives are CRUCIAL to the smooth running of all kitchens

The main types of knives all chefs will need in a professional kitchen:

Chefs Knife                  A main knife used for day to day work;

Serrated knives         A very useful knife adaptable for many jobs, used mainly in cake baking;

Filleting knives          An essential knife for working with fish;

Carving knife             A knife used for the carving of meats;

Carving fork               Used in conjunction with the carving knife, to hold the meat steady;

Boning knife              An essential knife used for the boning of meats.

Sharpening steels – Honing steel – Diamond steel

Sharpening steels are an essential piece of equipment. Furthermore the steels will keep all knives sharp with the honing steel giving a honed finish and the diamond steel giving a refined sharpness to any knife.

 Personal Tools And Equipment

The main personal tools that chefs need to work in a professional kitchen along with a concise description.

Peelers                                     A  tool in any kitchen for the peeling of fruit and vegetables;

Palette knives                       Can be used for many jobs, primarily used by the pastry chef;

Turner/fish slice                 An essential tool for every chef used for the turning of foods;

Temperature probes         Used to cook foods to exacting temperatures;

Micro plane                           Needed for the grating of ingredients including citrus zest;

Pin boners                             An essential tool that removes small bones in fish;

Scissors                                  A good pair of scissors are highly recommended.

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