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Long over are the days when spotting a celebrity meant going to Hollywood or New York. In fact, today’s celebrities might be found in the kitchen of their own restaurants. We are referring to this as a  chef celebrity restaurants. Where these chefs may be found instead of the spotlight or flash of the paparazzi. That’s not to say that the stars of the stage or screen are making a second career as chefs. No, it is that there are now so many celebrity chefs known for their take on the cuisine that you can enjoy meals at their restaurants and even spot them from time to time.


London Is A World Centre For World Cuisine And Celebrity Restaurants

Nowhere is this truer than London. A world centre for cuisine. These food celebrities have managed to not only increase the number of first class eateries in the city. But also change the world looks at British fare in general. Here are our top 10 celebrity restaurants to visit in London, UK. If your goal is to work at these restaurants then you can learn a great deal such as these alternative skills you can master.

Gordon Ramsay 

Giving his name to his flagship restaurant in London, this chef has earned a reputation for more than just delicious dishes. His over the top personality and profanity-laced outbursts have reminded people that the “creative temperament” applies to chefs. As much as it does to musicians, artists, actors and others. If you want to see where it all started, head to the restaurant on Royal Hospital Road. Here you can enjoy a Michelin three-star rated establishment. Be sure to book ahead, this is not a casual eatery and its emphasis is on formal French fare. The restaurant must always meet the standards of this notably fastidious chef.

The Roux Family – Le Gavroche 

This one has been famous for much longer than celebrity chefs have been the latest trend. Opened in the 1960s, it was the training ground for some of today’s celebrity chefs (including Mr Ramsay from above). It is famous for its stunning wine cellar believed to feature more than sixty thousand bottles. But it too has garnered some Michelin stars for its French cuisine and is at Upper Brook Street in London.

Celebrity Restaurants London UK

Marcus at the Berkeley 

Celebrity chef Marcus Wareing learned the craft beneath the not so soft and cushy wings of Gordon Ramsay. And then went on to create a French menu that nabbed two Michelin stars for itself. The restaurant that takes his name is in the luxurious Berkeley Hotel located at Wilton Place in the Knightsbridge section of the city.

Jamie Oliver – Fifteen 

If you don’t know about Jamie Oliver it is likely you may have been in outer space for quite some time. He became a nearly international sensation overnight in 2002 when he appeared on his signature television series. Today, he is paying it forward with this Mediterranean-themed restaurant at 15 Westland Place in London. Creating an entirely unique spin on fine dining, he also uses a large portion of each diner’s bill towards the teaching of his restaurant’s team of chefs in training. That alone makes him a good choice for a visit when in town.

Atul Kochar – Benares 

With a Michelin star on his first time out as a chef and owner, Atul Kochar has really raised the bar on London eateries. Offering a fusion of Indian dishes and modern cuisine, many “in the know” say that he is really upping the ante and changing dining in the city. The restaurant is located at 12s Berkeley Square House in Mayfair.

Giorgio Locatelli 

This unique restaurant takes its name from chef Locanda Locatelli and it too has taken a Michelin star. It provides authentic Italian dishes that the chef describes as soul food. He is one of the few celebrity chefs that appears in the dining room, asking diners about their meals!

More Celebrity Restaurants In London UK

The remaining celebrity restaurants we recommend when visiting the city include Wahaca with chef Thomasina Miers offering Mexican cuisine, Marco Grill with chef Marko Pierre White providing a fusion of British and French dishes, Granger & Co with chef Bill Granger offering seasonal food with an Australian flair and Corrigan’s Mayfair with chef Richard Corrigan providing truly hearty and authentic British and Irish dishes.


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