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The Best Schools In The UK For Becoming A Chef

Training In The UK To Become A Successful Chef Cookery School Lunch

The culinary field has enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity in recent years, spurring more foodies to pursue their passion for food by becoming professional chefs.

Want to Skip Ahead?

Once you’ve decided to follow your dreams down the cooking road, one looming question remains. Where is the best place to get training?

To follow are the best schools in the UK for becoming a chef.

The Best Schools In The UK For Becoming A Chef

From quaint little day workshops to full-time prestigious diplomas, there’s something for everyone who wants to become a chef in the UK.

Following are some of the best choices for learning superior cooking techniques and marketable food service skills.

The Raymond Blanc Cookery School at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

This fine restaurant set within the grounds of Blanc’s 13th-century manor in Oxford also harbours a not-so-secret treasure.

A top opportunity in the world to receive cooking training in a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

The school offers a variety of courses including baking and themed classes, and you may choose from one course at £400 up to a residential course in which you stay at the hotel on the grounds and partake in four days of training, at £4500.

Chef Academy of London

This school offers a unique twist on the road to becoming a chef in the UK. The professional level training takes place with a chef trainer inside a partnering restaurant. Choose from a 75-hour Intensive Professional Chef Course at roughly £2500.

Also, you can pay around £15,000 for a six-month Patisserie and Confection Course. The school also offers a Michelin Star Chef Course and Professional Italian Cuisine Course, along with hospitality and food science training.

Vegetarian Society Cookery School

For those who wish to cater to vegan and vegetarian clientele, the Vegetarian Society Cookery School offers focused training in a variety of cuisines. These include Asian and Caribbean, plus gluten-free vegan cooking.

Making A Kale Pasta

The school also features special offerings for young people, focusing on fast, affordable recipes. Day courses typically run about £125.

Making this a convenient option for expanding your skill set and enhancing your marketability as a chef.

Leiths School of Food and Wine

Considered one of the most prestigious chef diplomas in England. Leiths offers everything from short-term courses for home cooks to a comprehensive three-term professional training course.

Skills range from cheese-making to food photography, available in day classes, Dried Pastabut if you want the entire three-part diploma plan to lay out close to £22,000.

Leiths is so highly regarded that even the Duchess of Cambridge attended a two-week Enthusiast Course at the London school. Further boosting its credibility even further among those seeking chef training in the UK. This is one of the best schools in the UK for becoming a chef.

Swinton Park

Enjoy stunning scenery while partaking of a five-day advanced cooking course at this 17th-century castle hotel.

Located in North York, the school offers both amateur and Professional Chef Development Courses. Catering to a wide variety of interests and skill levels.

As with many cookery schools in England, Swinton Park is a good way to sharpen your skill set if you’re already working in the industry, without a significant time commitment.

Le Cordon Bleu London

Generally regarded as the crème de la crème of British chef schools, Le Cordon Bleu’s exclusive Grand Diploma will set you back a hefty £28,500.

The school also has plenty of shorter courses, such as Wine Master Classes, a Bakery Course, and Gourmet Courses. Le Cordon Bleu is not only a premier resource for cooking fundamentals but also gives students skills in hospitality and management.

If you’re looking to become a chef in the UK, there is a bevvy of options from which to choose. Whether you’re prepared to commit to multi-term, full-time venture, or are simply ready to add to your skill set.

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