Where Is The Best Place To Start
A Successful Chef Career? Chef Career

Anybody can have a rewarding chef career. So what is the best way to start a chef career, who is a chef career suitable for? And how can the first steps be taken to get the ball rolling?

Do I Need To Complete A Fulltime Catering College Course?

Attending a full time or part time catering course will give you the basic skills needed to get a hold of the fundamentals to become a chef. Although, it is not a requirement to attend a catering course, with a chef career being one that can be learned on the job. Also when considering if college is right for you, consider that if you are attending an interview for a job and you have the same experience as the other candidates but with no qualification. Who will be the most likely to get the job!

 The Kitchen Ladder To Become A Career Chef

To start we will have a look at the kitchen brigade system. The four main steps on the ladder are the Commis chef, chef de partie, sous chef and the head chef. These are the main four positions in a kitchen brigade.

As a commis chef all the basic will be learned and practised. Any chef who has attended college will have a big advantage at this stage. The chef will have already learned basics and practised skills at college.

The next position is the chef de partie. As a chef de partie you will be expected to run a section in the kitchen. The next step for the career chef will be to move into the first real management position – sous chef. The sous chef is the right-hand person of the head chef. The head chef is the boss in the kitchen. A fantastic choice to become a career chef is a five-star hotel who has a great hr department.


Career Chef

Why Are Large Hotels The Best Option For A Career Chef

For a career as a chef, large five-star hotels can provide
a good career route. Large hotels have a dedicated human resources team and will have a process for promoting chefs. For instance, a commis chef has been in the position for a couple of years and a chef de partie position becomes available. Hotels will give out promotion opportunities to the current staff by a newsletter or notice boards in the hotel or on the website. There will be an interview process to follow even for current employees, so practice interview skills with role plays and answering sample questions.

Also in the larger hotels, there may be a range of restaurants from the staff food kitchen to a fine dining kitchen. Each restaurant will offer a range of skills to learn that the chef can pick up. And in the large 5star hotels there will be many positions from commis chefs, chef de parties, sous chefs and head chefs with an executive head chef overseeing the entire business. So for this reason, there will be opportunities to progress on a regular basis.

Once a chef has the experience of working in five-star hotels then the opportunity to move into other top places becomes possible.

Is it only five-star hotels that have these opportunities?

There are opportunities for a career chef in most restaurants and hotels. However large five-star hotels are a key place to become a chef if you are looking for a long successful career.

Top 3 points to remember;

Five-star hotels have a range of quality kitchens to train in

A dedicated professional human resource team developing chefs to progress their careers

A large kitchen brigade with many positions to move into once the chef is ready to move up.


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