Modern Kitchen Skills For
Top Chefs Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs– Get The Edge

What are the modern kitchen skills for top chefs? There are a lot more skills to become a chef than being able to cook great food, there are other areas that can be focused on to get the edge

In today’s modern kitchen there are a lot more tools that can be used and certain personality traits need to be learned. All these skills can be learnt with hard work, so what are these top skills?

There are many new tools that have come into the kitchen and continue to do so. Strength and confidence all comes with the experience you gain in your career.

Modern skills will give you the edge over the rest of the field.  This may be working as part of a kitchen brigade or starting and running a business.

Core skills are also needed, these core skills with modern skills may help you to full fill your goals as a chef.

Not only these modern kitchen skills for top chefs are needed. But also, core skills that are needed as part of your skill-set when you begin your career will include having good cooking skills, teamwork skills and having a good memory.

All of these skills are very important and can all be learnt once they have been shown as an area to be improved upon.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs

Computer Skills

Today the computer is a vital kitchen tool and being able to use your computer and learning how to use software programs is needed. spreadsheets are great at costing recipes, checking menu profits and taking stock takes.

Having computer skills are needed by anybody starting their own business and are very useful for tasks including market research and having a social media presence.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs Include Using Modern Kitchen Tools

It is advised to learn to use modern tools used for many cooking methods in today’s kitchens. Modern tools in today’s kitchens include.

Water Baths
A machine used in the sous vide cooking method
Vacuum Packing Machines
A useful tool that vacuum seals foods in plastic

These tools will have precise set ups to use and the user will need to take training in the use of these machines

Tools needed when producing large batches include:

-Bratt Pans
These are large cooking devices used for sealing, frying and making large batches of foods.

-Large Mixers
Used to produce large batches of foods such as doughs or sauces.

-Stick Blenders
A useful tool for blending soups or making batches of sauces.

-Combi Ovens
These ovens have steam and heat settings to use and many have a self-cleaning setting.

Modern Kitchen Skills For Top Chefs

Top Chefs Know How A Business Works

It is crucial to know how the kitchen and the food it produces fits into the whole picture of the business. Costing a menu and setting prices is crucial to producing a high-profit menu, although there are other areas to know such as the budget and how to stick to it. A gross profit may be set that a chef will need to stick to strictly to achieve the profits needed.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Menu Marketing

When creating a menu you need to develop the profits as well as making sure it looks and tastes good. Areas to learn include making higher profits through the menu’s layout and pricing.

TIP – Keep a file of your own menus with photos and collect menus of chefs you

Develop your own healthy/special diet recipes

People are a lot more aware of what they are eating and continue to become a lot more interested in healthy options. Also, meat-free and vegan diets become more and more popular with customers being a lot more focused on calories and other ingredients in foods.

Gain Pastry experience

Many chefs do not have enough training in pastry such as –  desserts, pastries and making bread. Sweets and bread are needed as part of any modern kitchen; building up your skills in this area will give you an edge.

Top Chefs Are Experts In Food Safety

The modern kitchen has many up to date, tight rules involving HACCP and health and safety. You can build up your skills in this area by taking extra short courses; some can be done online, by doing so you will have the skills to supervise others.

Top Chefs Train The Waiting Staff

Most waiting staff do not have a great idea of the product, the more you teach them about the foods origin, flavours and the methods of cooking, the better they will work for you.

Top Chefs Improve Their People Skills

Leadership can make the difference between an over stressed or under control team.

Build up your experience and skills in:

  • Good teamwork
  • Different person types
  • Anger control
  • Having effective meetings

In the modern kitchens, you will need to be able to work with all people no matter of age, race, sexual orientation or sex.

Top Chefs Communicate Well With The Senior Management

Also known as managing upwards, you need to work out the best way to make your case when you need more tools, staff changes, a change in working hours or even asking for a pay increase.

  • To do this well you will need
  • Prepare some written notes

Make an appointment: Be prepared to talk about the costs involved and how to sell the benefits of your requests.

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