Banging Mushroom | Soup

Banging Mushroom Soup

This mushroom soup is made with a béchamel sauce style base. A mixture of flat and chestnut mushrooms sliced and oven roasted. 


  1. 1 Red Onion
  2. 3 Garlic Cloves
  3. 50g Butter
  4. 50g Flour
  5. 500ml Milk
  6. 300ml Vegetable Stock
  7. 250g  Flat Mushroom 
  8. 100g Chestnut Mushrooms 
  9. Table Salt – Black Pepper

Banging Mushroom Soup


  1. Weigh out all of the ingredients and have the equipment ready. 
  2. Equipment – | Stick Blender / Liquidiser | Small, Medium Pan | Whisk | 
  3. Peel the onion and garlic. Rough dice the onion and slice the garlic.
  4. Slice the mushrooms and add a little oil and salt over the mushrooms. Place the mushrooms on a tray and place them in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius and roast the mushrooms for around 10 – 15 minutes.

To Make The Base Of  The Soup 

  1. Add a little oil to the heated pan and drop in the butter. Once the butter has melted add in the onion and garlic and cook for a few minutes until softened.
  2. Add in half of the flour stir in and drop in the rest of the flour. Cook out the [Roux] flour to a paste for 8 minutes.
  3. Add the warmed milk into the flour and butter base a third at a time. Whisking until the milk has been absorbed into the flour and butter mix each time. Continuously whisk to keep the béchamel to a smooth consistency.
  4. Add the vegetable stock to the béchamel until the required consistency. is achieved.

Finishing The Mushroom Soup                      

  1. Add the roasted mushrooms to the soup base stir in and cook for a minute.
  2. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully use a stick blender or a liquidiser to puree the soup.   
  3. Taste – add salt and black pepper as needed.