How To Ask For A Pay Rise How To Ask For A Payrise
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How to ask for a pay rise. You feel you have been working diligently at your job and that you have been in your position long enough to deserve a pay rise. But how do you go about asking for that extra money? How to ask for a pay rise is a key skill to have. Make sure you know how to get along with your co-workers.

No matter who you are, asking for a pay rise is a stressful process that involves a lot of preparation and self-examination. Below are some tips to alleviate some of the stress that comes from asking for a pay raise.

How To Ask For A Pay Rise

Value Yourself

Above all else, this is the most important aspect (that’s why it’s number one on the list!). If you do not believe that you should receive a rise, then chances are no one else will believe you should receive a rise either.

Before meeting with your supervisor, make a list of your accomplishments. Have you set clear objectives and achieved them? Writing down your ideas will help you stay organised and may also provide you with a confidence you didn’t have before.

Have a Firm Number, but Be Prepared to Be Flexible

It is a good idea to present your supervisor with a fixed number. You might then want to explain how you arrived at that number and why you feel it is a fair wage. But don’t be inflexible. Your supervisor might try to negotiate with you, and you should be prepared for this. Do not be afraid to explain why you think you deserve this amount of money. Remember—above all, value yourself.

Research First!

How much does your job pay on average? You need to know this before asking for a raise. You need to research what the competitive salaries are for your position, and do not be afraid to present these figures to your supervisor. Statistics can often be very convincing. If for nothing else, they give you outside support along with quantitative data to help you get that pay raise.

Don’t Worry about Your Peers

What your peer earns is irrelevant. It is about your performance and little else. How competent are you in your position? Do you feel you bring real value to your company? That is where your focus should be, and not on what the person sitting next to you makes.

Base Your Argument on Achievement, Not Effort

You may be the hardest working person in your company, but without the achievements, you may not stand out the way you would like. When asking for a pay rise, make sure you present to your supervisor a record of your achievements. Show him or her a list of objectives that you have taken on since you began working at the company. Show your supervisor how you accomplished those objectives—let this be the strongest indicator of how hard you work.

How To Ask For A Payrise

How To Ask For A Pay Rise Role-play

Rehearse what you are going to say and consider several possible reactions that your supervisor may have. What if my supervisor tells me no, that he or she does not believe I deserve a pay raise? How will I respond? What if my supervisor tells me that she will get back to me? What do I say then? No matter what, you should keep your cool and always keep in mind how valuable you are. You earned this pay rise! Always keep that in the centre of your thinking.

Timing Is Everything

Make sure that you pick a time when your supervisor is available and open to discussing a pay rise with you. Chances are your supervisor is very busy, and a conversation about a pay raise is not exactly light or informal. So be sure to approach your supervisor during a suitable time.

Reach out to her and ask if she has a moment to discuss an important issue with you. Do not just walk into her office and began talking about your pay rise.

Asking for a pay rise is a stressful situation, no matter who you are. But by being prepared, you can reduce some of those anxieties and, if everything goes well, you might even get that pay rise you are asking for.



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