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There is a range of jobs out there considered to be cool jobs or the coolest jobs in the world. A few are in the hospitality industry such as a chocolate taster or a food tester. Other cool jobs on the list include astronaut, rock star, secret agent or a Hollywood actor. So, in my opinion, everyone should consider a place in the professional kitchen for a couple of years to pick up some life skills. Or a full on passionate going for the glory chef career. Fuxxing cool right…. Put down your musical instruments and stop those acting lessons people. And get yourself into those chef whites.

The Coolest Job In The World Open To Anybody

There are many jobs out there that can be considered cool jobs. These can include, wine taster, food taster and a foreign language teacher around the world. However, I want to put the chef job in the hat as one of the top cool jobs in the UK today. Firstly, the main points why a chef job is the coolest job in the world.


1. Cool Jobs Mean You Can Travel

As a chef with a good grounding and a few years, experience under their belt a chef can travel all over the world. This makes the career a cool job, these cool jobs for chefs can include ski seasons, working in any city in the world, cruise ships, and of course top world-famous hotels and restaurants. It’s not all 16 hour days, low pay and screaming chefs. Unless this is the path you are looking to take, some people work well and produce their best under these circumstances

2. Cool Jobs Mean You Can Eat Great Food

Being able to learn about a wide range of great food. And also working as a chef means you can learn about food. This can include the ingredients used in a broad range of dishes, the cooking methods used to produce foods and how to get the most out of your ingredients. This is a skill that once earnt is a benefit for your entire life. Even with only a couple of years working in a professional kitchen or completing a cooking course will give you essential cooking skills. It can be surprising getting to know the recipes of certain foods. Do you know how much sugar or salt goes into your favourite dessert or salad dressing? It is well documented the negative health effects of too much sugar, salt or bad fats. So with a cool job as a chef, you get to learn how these ingredients are used and it can be very surprising.


3. Cool Jobs Mean Its Easy To Make New Friends

Working in the hospitality industry is great for meeting new people and building relationships. So forget about the social media apps you have been using to meet new people and get into a professional kitchen. The big hotel groups and brand restaurants are great places to build your relationships. Pretty cool right, perhaps you have not considered that, but many people I have worked with have met their partners where they have been working.

4. Choosing A Cool Job As A Chef Long Term Benefits

After you have built your experience as a chef. You may come to a crossroads where it becomes an option to start your own business. This can be a street food business, café, restaurant or event catering company the list goes on. Cool jobs let you be your own boss if you don’t want to work for the company. A chef has this option as the hospitality industry in the UK is one of the largest and carries on growing. As people become a lot more aware of the foods they are eating and demand a variety of choices a chef has the skills to satisfy this need. A business can be started part-time as a pop-up style option with minimal financial commitment and expanded once a niche has been found.

Cool Jobs

5. Learn essential cooking skills

There are so many great points about a career as a chef lets not forget the main point. Chefs learn to cook great food and work with fantastic ingredients. The cooking skills a commis chef can pick up in a couple of years is broad. Even if you only spend a few years in a professional kitchen the skills learnt will last a lifetime. And the benefits of being able to cook are massive including:

• Knowing how to cook healthy food
• Learning how to use cheap ingredients
• Cooking for family and friends

Consider this: you spent 3 years in a professional kitchen after finishing school. However, you decided it wasn’t for you and took another path. You still have the cooking skills you have learnt, so instead of taking your date out for lunch. Impress them with a three-course meal that you learnt all those years ago. 

Anyone who spends a few years completing a chef course or working as a chef can pick up skills including:

• Food safety essentials
• Preparing and cooking vegetables
• Cooking pasta and basic pasta sauces including tomato sauce
• Preparing and making salad dishes: such as a ceasar or Nicoise salad
• How to use a knife and the correct tools to use
• The timing of foods, cooking times and organisation

6. Lots Of Job Opportunities In Different Kitchen Styles

The hospitality industry in the UK is huge. With a broad range of places that chefs can work, pubs, restaurants, hotels, event caterers, care homes, sports stadiums, football stadiums the list goes on. With this comes the fact that chefs move around to gain experience and find somewhere that suits not only the style of food they want to cook but also their personality. I have worked in a range of different types of kitchens and the kitchen personality can vary. By this kitchen, personalities can include, work work work, work hard play hard, just play hard!! Hard kitchens with shouty, shouty chefs, calm kitchens or cool kitchens. There is a kitchen out there that will suit different personalities of people and what they want to achieve as a chef.

7. No Qualifications Required

Of course, it is recommended to complete a college diploma in catering before taking a job. However, you do not need any formal qualifications to get your foot in the door of a professional kitchen.

All These Points Possibly Make The Chef Career The Coolest Job On The Planet

All these may be considered areas that make up the top cool jobs. The chef career is a great job and career with the options to move into senior positions or develop yourself as a chefpreneur. It’s not just the learning and these points I have pointed out. But also the broad range of jobs once a chef has a few years of experience.

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