Best Chef Books By Professional Chefs
For Commis And Apprentices Best Chef Books For Commis Chefs

Are you a commis chef already working in the hospitality industry or have a dream of following a career as a chef. Also, there is a range of routes that can be taken to get into your dream career. And there are also many 1000’s of recipe and training books to choose from when on the road to becoming a chef and these best chef books will help you to get into a rewarding chef career.

Top 5 List Of Best Chef Books

I started my chef career in 1997 and throughout working in professional kitchens, there are a number of books that I have used time and time again.

Insiders Top 5 List Of Best Chef Books Are As Follows

Le répertoire de la cuisine

Le Repertoire de la cuisine is written by Louis Saulnier a student of Auguste Escoffier. The book is a reference guide to Escoffier’s classical French cooking. Also, the guide has been written in a simple way however you will need a basic understanding of cooking to use the recipes. Le Repertoire de la cuisine is a great book if you are looking for inspiration to come up with ideas for menus. The book comes with a short description, preparation and ingredients and has over 6000 recipes of classical French dishes to refer to. A simple handy book that is invaluable to anyone serious about becoming a professional chef.

Anthony Bourdain – kitchen confidential

Kitchen confidential is Anthony Bourdain’s honest look into the dark side of professional kitchens. He has written about secret behaviour that happens within the industry, at times it can be shocking. Also, this is a great book to read for anyone serious about getting into the industry. It may appal you, it will make you laugh, overall kitchen confidential is a must read for all chefs.

Best Chef Books

Gordon Ramsay – Passion for Flavour

Throughout my career, I have used 100’s of recipe books and in my opinion, the best recipes have always been Gordon Ramsay’s. He has a range of books, the one I have used the most and refer to over and over is Passion For Flavour. With over 100 recipes including stocks, sauces, pasta and desserts this is a must read the book for any professional chef.

Practical cookery

Practical cookery is a classic recipe book for commis chefs, apprentice chefs and work-based learners. Professional chefs have used practical cookery for over 50 years and matches the level 2 NVQ Diploma in professional cooking, the qualification taken by chefs in training. Also, the book has over 500 recipes with photographs covering the preparation, cooking and finishing techniques. Also, the book has detailed photos to show how the dishes should look. The recipes follow a step by step approach so that the techniques can be mastered.

How To Become A Chef

How to become a chef is the insider’s guide for anyone wanting to become a chef in the UK. The book will provide you with top tips and advice from a current working chef with over 19 years experience. Also the author of this guide, Chris Flatt has worked in many different styles of establishments and is superbly placed to give you all the information you need to become a chef.

The book covers areas including:

  • The range of training routes open to chefs.
  • Handy contact details.
  • The different routes you can take for gaining experience.
  • How to build and write a winning CV.
  • Also, the personal equipment required.

There are many thousands of recipe and training books out there. Although these are my top 5 books and are a great starting point for anyone wanting to become a chef. Also, a good tip is to use the recipe books from your favourite chefs and develop your own style.

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