Before Becoming A Professional Chef Gain This Basic Certificate

Becoming a professional chef? then to begin your training as a chef you do not need any formal qualifications. Although it is highly advised to gain a certificate at a college or to join an apprentice scheme. As an apprentice, you will gain valuable experience as a chef.

However, you will need to achieve a BasicLevel 2 Food Safety Certificate as a basic requirement to become a trainee chef. When choosing where to start your chef training it is recommended to work in the best possible kitchen you can, the amount of experience and knowledge you will learn is essential to fulfilling your potential.

There is also a Level 1 certificate in Food Safety. However, this is generally seen as an introduction to the Basic Level 2 Certificate required by trainee chefs. You will need this certificate on your goal of becoming a chef.

Why Do I Need A Basic Food Safety Certificate

Gaining the level 2 CIEH Certificate in food safety in catering will provide you with the basic training requirements of the Food safety regulations 1995 and that you are fully aware of the practical procedures of applying food hygiene in the workplace.

How To Achieve The Basic Food Safety Certificate

To achieve the basic food safety certificate you will need to pass a course that consists of a learning day lasting around 5 hours followed by a multiple choice question paper. The test will consist of 30 questions and to be awarded the CIEH Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety in Catering you will need to answer a minimum of 20 correct.

What Will I Learn On The Course

On the Level 2 course in food safety in catering the areas you will cover and gain an understanding of include: The importance of food safety, hazards when producing foods, biological and non-biological dangers, temperature controls, correct cleaning methods, maintaining your personal hygiene, best methods for food storage and foods on show, pest control in the workplace and safety in the workplace.

The Next Level Food Hygiene Certificates

On successful completion of the CIEH level 2 Certificate, you are ready to start a trainee chefs job. There are higher levels of food hygiene and safety training you may wish to gain throughout your career.

Higher Levels Of Food Safety Courses Available When Becoming a Professional Chef? 

Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety

The level 3 award is aimed at members of staff who are in management positions and supervising the team. Managers are responsible for their own food safety but are also accountable for the food safety. It is essential they have an in-depth understanding and the confidence to do their jobs well.

Level 4 Award in Food Safety

The level 4 certificate is a five-day course that is designed to give an in-depth understanding of food safety. The course essentially focuses on the management of systems and staff. The level 4 certificate is aimed to be gained by persons working In management such as trainers, managers with level 3 knowledge, business owners and hygiene auditors.

Becoming A Professional Chef

How To Become A Chef Basics

Before you apply for your first chef position and start on your route to becoming a professional chef? it is recommended to understand the basics of how a kitchen runs and how the kitchen brigade is structured.

There are various levels of the kitchen and most of the professional kitchens will have a structured system, the depth of the structure will depend on how many chefs are in the kitchen brigade.

The kitchen brigade is the name given to the structure in a kitchen and helps to streamline the process of putting food on plates.

Within a medium sized kitchen upwards there are a number of people who make up the team, they will include:

The Kitchen Brigade

The apprentice chef is a trainee chef who may be working a few days a week, the starting point for many young chefs.

Commis chef
The commis chef may have been to college or moved from another position/career. The most important thing is to have a keen interest in food and be a team player.

Chef de partie
Will be running a section in the kitchen such as starters, sauces or veg section. Will be working under the sous chef and head chef.

 Sous Chef
The sous chef will be working along side the head chef as his right-hand person.

Head Chef
The head chef is the boss of the kitchen. With the overall job of running the operation, they will be able to produce high-quality dishes when under pressure.

With the right work ethic anyone can now become a chef regardless of age or gender. It is now extremely common to see women as part of the kitchen brigade.

There are also many styles of working places to choose from, once a basic foundation has been laid and essential work experience gained a lot more doors will open, the key is to have a good plan for the route you want to take.


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