Best Part Time Jobs For Any Aspiring ChefAspiring Chefs

Are you an aspiring chef? Whether you’re completely new to the foodservice industry or you’ve held a couple of similar positions in the past and are looking to improve your skills. You’ll need to know more about the employment options available that will help you improve your knowledge, training, and skills. While making a little bit of money at the same time. Below, you’ll find some of the best part-time jobs for anyone hoping to get their foot in the door as an aspiring chef.

Kitchen Porter

While not directly involved with food preparation, kitchen porters provide invaluable services for chefs, line cooks, and other kitchen staff. You will be responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and usable, washing pots and pans, cleaning dishes. And ensuring that food prep surfaces are cleaned and ready for use. This sort of position may only require a couple of days per week. And will help familiarize you with how workflows in a busy kitchen. The health and safety procedures the chain of command and a great deal more. It is one of the best part-time jobs for any aspiring chefs looking to get their foot in the door with no culinary training.

Kitchen Assistant

A kitchen assistant position is one of the best part-time jobs for aspiring chefs and will help you learn more about how work progresses within a commercial kitchen and more. This position will require that you clean tools and work surfaces, as well as food preparation surfaces. In some instances, you will do prep work for meals. Including partial cooking, as well as serving food in some instances. The specific job duties vary from one kitchen to another. But in all of them, you will learn a great deal about how a kitchen needs to work in order to serve diners and to uphold health and safety practices.

Aspiring Chefs


The title “cook” has as many different meanings as there are restaurants scattered across the UK. However, all of them play a compliant role to the chef as well as other senior kitchen staff. You might find work in any of a number of potential positions, from a sandwich maker to line cook. Note that this position generally does require some experience in a commercial kitchen. And will also usually require that you are able to work unsupervised while completing your duties in the kitchen. The position is usually very fast-paced. And you will need to be willing to work long hours with few or even no breaks in order to be successful. With that being said, it is one of the best part-time jobs in the industry.

Grill Chef

For those interested in moving their career forward, becoming a grill chef is an excellent step to take. Note that this position is not available in all restaurants, but in those that do require these chefs, you will be required to work the grill. Which may include cooking meats, vegetables and a number of other foods. Many of them will require assembling sandwiches, but this is not true for all positions with this title.

In the end, almost any position in the kitchen, or even the restaurant as a whole, can offer benefits depending on your experience level. The more familiar you are with the way workflows in a kitchen, sanitation practices and the like, the more easily you will find entry-level positions. From there, you simply need to master various stations and apply for a promotion as a chef de partie.

Building Experience Within The Industry

It is also about building experience within the industry as an aspiring chef. If you master several sections at one restaurant. And there is no way to move up, you can take that experience to another restaurant. And usually, apply for a better position than the one you left.

All of these can be the best part-time jobs. And each can be an excellent way to build the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to take your career to the next level. Even if you decide not to attend a culinary school.

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