7 of the Worst Kitchen Fails Ever Worst Kitchen Fails In The World

Most of us realise that cooking is an art, and with ample amounts of time spent practising and perfecting that art, you can become a professional level chef or amazing at-home cook. However, that time you spend practising can result in less than stellar dishes or meals. In fact, that time can result in downright kitchen disasters. We are going to look at seven of the worst kitchen fails ever, and chances are some of them will make you feel a lot better about any of your “learning experiences”. On the other hand, some of them did result in some of our favourite foods, too. Also, by knowing and practising with the kitchen equipment you can help reduce mistakes.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

As a quick example, consider chocolate chip cookies. Originally called Toll House cookies, they were the result of one cook running out of certain ingredients and deciding to just stir in chopped chocolate. Ice lollies are also the result of a giant kitchen fail when some soda-making equipment was left outdoors in freezing conditions. Years later, the mistake was turned into a “patent” and resulted in our modern ice lollies. Beer was a blunder in the Mesopotamian era, as were potato chips, Worcestershire sauce and more. So, take comfort that some good can come from an epic fail. If not, it can sure be a newsworthy story, too. Take our first example…

Legend Was Inexpertly Using The Mandolin

Chrissy Teigen – The stunning Chrissy Teigen is a noted foodie, and during one special gathering of friends, she and her husband, music star John Legend, were planning on serving a rich and delicious scalloped potato dish. The legend was inexpertly using their mandolin when blundered and actually sliced off the tip of his finger. Refusing medical attention because of the house full of guests, Teigen took over and summarily sliced off her fingertip, too. They called it quits after that and ended the evening at the emergency room. Today, they both wear kevlar gloves when slicing potatoes.

Self-cleaning soufflé

Jacques Pepin is noted for flawless cooking, yet early in his career on TV, he was asked to make a soufflé for a live program. He decided it would be wise to do all of the work ahead, and then put the soufflé in the oven to cook while the rest of the show was being filmed. However, someone set the oven to self-clean, turning a soufflé into a souf-flat.

Worst Kitchen Fails In The World


Blame it on Pinterest

We could give you, quite literally, hundreds or even thousands of kitchen fails due to flawless Pinterest images and inspirations. You can find endless examples of the intended dish and reality. Such as this gallery of recent food failures where Pinterest and other such sites are to blame. Perhaps the worst of these worst is the image of what appears to be a standard pound cake into which someone has baked…their glasses. See the last image in the gallery, here.

Ann Hodgman

If you love delicious foods, author Ann Hodgman’s cookbooks are always a good choice. Humble and hilarious, she always has horrifying tales of kitchen fails of her own including, a cockatiel landing in the dip she had just placed in front of guests, hot sugar exploding throughout the kitchen and over pets, or cream that refused to whip…on live TV.

Sandra Lee’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad meatloaf. In one epic fail, celebrity chef Sandra Lee made a meatloaf that most fans and viewers thought was a joke, and which still sends many running the opposite direction. See the clip yourself, here.

Pressure cooker blunders

Another of the issues that seem to creep up whenever you look for kitchen fails is that of the pressure cooker. Truly astonishing images are available all over the internet, with some showing terrifying outcomes. Lids embedded in ceilings, stovetops caved in and ingredients seemingly embedded in the walls are but some of the problems you’ll see in galleries depicting pressure cooker mishaps.

Forgotten Feasts

What about all of the disasters and fails that result from “forgetting” something? The couple who had a small Thanksgiving of their own before heading away for the weekend and returning to the “aroma” of the rotting bird they forgot in the oven. Or the woman who forgot to put a crust on the bottom of a pie. What about the man who forgot that a burner was on and put the bowl of dough “to rise” on that burner?

There is no end to the list of kitchen fails, and may qualify as the worst. Hopefully, reading some will help you avoid some fails of your own.

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