How To Make A Pea And Courgette Soup

Pea And Courgette Soup Topped With A Poached Egg

This pea and courgette soup is a little bit more complicated than a straightforward puree soup. A hens egg has been poached and added to the top of the soup. There is a separate video on how to poach an egg.


  1. Spanish Onions x 1
  2. Garlic Cloves x 2
  3. Picked mint leaves x small handful
  4. Green courgette x medium sized
  5. Frozen peas [Petit Pois] x 500g
  6. Vegetable Stock x 400ml [Freshly made or a stock cube dissolved in warm water]
  7. Poached Egg x 1


Method Of Making A Pea And Courgette Soup 

Preparing The Vegetables

  1. Peel and chop the onion into a rough dice
  2. Peel and finely slice the garlic cloves
  3. Pick 1 small handful of mint leaves and chop them roughly
  4. Cut the courgette into half lengthways, turn 90 degrees and cut into small pieces
  5. The peas need to be defrosted 
  6. Make up 300ml of vegetable stock [Freshly made stock or 1 stock cube dissolved into warm water]
  7. Crack 1 hens egg into a bowl or a small style ramekin.

Cooking The Vegetables

  1. Heat the pan on a medium heat and add a little oil
  2. Drop in the onions and garlic and cook off for 2 minutes
  3. Add the fresh mint leaves into the soup and cook for 1 minute
  4. Add in the rough diced courgettes and cook for a few minutes
  5. The defrosted peas can be dropped into the vegetables and the stock poured in
  6. Whilst the soup is cooking, the poached egg can be cooked in a pan of boiling salted water. Also a little white wine vinegar can be added to the water. This helps the egg white combine around the yolk
  7. Once the vegetable are all cooked, remove the pan from the heat

Safety First Hot Liquids

Finishing The Soup

  1. The pea and courgette soup can know be either liquidized or blitz with a stick blender
  2. Pass the soup through a strainer [or not]!
  3. The egg can be placed on-top of the soup

Video Recipe – Pea And Courgette Soup

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