Red Pepper | Tomato | Soup

Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Tomato is a fantastic ingredient to use in soups. The roasting of the peppers adds another flavour to the soup. This soup uses cherry tomato, chopped tomato and tomato paste. It is essential to cook the tomato paste out for at least 5 minutes, but do not burn.


  1. Spanish Onions x 1
  2. Red Pepper x 1
  3. Celery x ½ Stick
  4. Carrot x ½ 
  5. Garlic Cloves x 2
  6. Bay Leaves x 2
  7. Cherry Tomato x 25
  8. Chopped Tomato x 3 Tablespoons
  9. Tomato Puree x 2 Tablespoons
  10. Caster Sugar x 1 teaspoon
  11. Thyme x 2 Sprigs
  12. Vegetable Stock x 400 ml (Freshly made or a stock cube in water)
  13. Chive Oil

Method Of Preparing and Cooking A Pepper Tomato Soup

Preparing The Vegetables

  1. Cut the red pepper down into chunky pieces add a little oil and roast at 180 Celsius for 10 minutes
  2. Peel the Spanish onion and cut it into a chunky dice
  3. Slice the celery down across the stick
  4. Peel and cut the carrot into half and cut it into chunky pieces
  5. Peel and cut the garlic down into small pieces
  6. The cherry tomato need to be taken from the vine and cut into half
  7. Pick the thyme leaves from the stalk
  8. Make up the vegetable stock either fresh or a stock cube dissolved in water

Making The Chive Oil

Blitz the fresh chives with enough olive oil to make the mix blendable. Blitz to a smooth liquid.

Cooking The Vegetables

  1. Cut the sides off the red pepper into pieces add a little oil and roast in the oven
  2. Heat a pan up to medium heat and add a little oil
  3. Add the onions and stir for 2 minutes
  4. Add the carrot, celery and garlic and cook for 2 minutes
  5. Stir in the tomato puree and cook the mix for 5 minutes
  6. Add the roasted peppers, mix in
  7. Mix the cherry tomatoes into the pan and cook for 3 minutes
  8. Add the bay leaves, thyme and sugar give it a mix
  9. Pour in the vegetable stock, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes

Finishing The Soup

  • When the soup has cooked out for 10 minutes, remove the pan from the heat
  • Blitz the soup and pass it through a fine sieve
  • Finish the soup with a little of the chive oil