Making Breadcrumbs Is EasyMaking Breadcrumbs

Many people do not realise that breadcrumbs can be used in a number of ways and that there are different types out there. The two main types of breadcrumbs are the Japanese Panko breadcrumbs and making breadcrumbs at home. The Japanese Panko breadcrumbs are used in many professional kitchens instead of the homemade style. Also making breadcrumbs at home, the breadcrumbs can be made from any type of bread that has been dried out and many recipes will use a fresh soft breadcrumb.

Breadcrumbs have a range of functions such as a panko crumb used for the coating of fried foods or a soft breadcrumb used as a moussaka topping and toasted in the oven when cooking. Breadcrumbs can also be used to thicken soups and sauces. It is fairly cheap and easy to start using breadcrumbs as long as you have the right leftovers with you. Here are some expert tips to help you.

 Breadcrumbs Meaning

Breadcrumbs can be used in many recipes including, fried foods and burgers. Also, breadcrumbs can be brought locally or online. However, when making your own breadcrumbs there will be less waste and more savings. Also with homemade breadcrumbs, you will get the advantages of extra flavour as you are choosing the type of bread to work with.

Beginning Steps

Firstly, assemble all of the ingredients and tools needed to make breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs can be made from most types of bread. Also, it is possible to mix different types of breadcrumbs together, this is an excellent way of using up stale bread or leftover bread. The flavour of the bread will still be held in the breadcrumbs.

To be able to make 1 cup of breadcrumbs you will need four regular slices of bread. The other pieces of equipment you will need include; a food processor or blender and a knife. A food processor or blender is a much faster and the most efficient way of making breadcrumbs.

Making Breadcrumbs

There are several ways to start making breadcrumbs at home. Many chefs will buy in the Japanese breadcrumbs called Panko breadcrumbs. However homemade breadcrumbs are easy to make. Firstly, using slices of white bread. For a soft breadcrumb, the slices can be frozen in the freezer. For a dry breadcrumb, the crusts can be cut off the bread and left in a warm dry place. Such as on top of an oven or in an oven on the lowest temperature. The bread will slowly dry out ready to be crumbled. If the bread is being dried out in the oven, make sure the temperature is not too high, and check regularly. Always observe the heating process. The easiest and most consistent and efficient way to make the breadcrumbs is by using a food processor or blender.

Making Breadcrumbs

Cutting and Preparation

If using a knife to make the breadcrumbs you will need to cut the crumbs as small as possible. The most efficient way to make the breadcrumbs is by using a food processor or blender. Firstly, cut the bread into small pieces, 1 slice into about 8 pieces. Place the bread in the food processor making sure not to overfill. If you are making a large quantity the breadcrumbs can be made in batches. Overfilling the machine may result in the blades getting stuck and the machine will need to be emptied and filled again. When using a food processor, you may need to hold down the machine to start with. Different flavours and seasonings can be added to the crumbs such as; herbs and spices. Seasoned breadcrumbs will need to complement the flavour of the dish that is being made.

Final Tips And Advice

To save time and improve efficiency, a large batch of breadcrumbs can be made and stored. If freezing the breadcrumbs, they can be kept in a plastic bag and frozen. Breadcrumbs can also be kept in a container in the kitchen. Breadcrumbs that have been frozen can easily be taken from the freezer and defrosted. Also, you can experiment with the types of bread using to make the crumbs and adding new flavours, to develop your own recipes.

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