Celeriac Soup

Celeriac Soup 

Celeriac is a knobbly root vegetable with a celery-type flavour. The soup uses a few ingredients and can be prepared and cooked easily.  


  1. Celeriac x ½ 
  2. Spanish onion x 1 ½ Medium
  3. Garlic Cloves x 3
  4. Rosemary x 1 Sprig
  5. Vegetable Stock x 500 Ml (Either fresh or a stock cube dissolved in water)

Steps To Preparing And Cooking The Celeriac Soup

Preparing The Vegetables

  1. Cut the celeriac top and bottom off and peel the celeriac
  2. Cut the celeriac in half  and chunky dice one half
  3. Peel and chunky dice 1 ½ medium onions 
  4. Peel and chop or slice the garlic
  5. Take the rosemary off the stalk
  6. Make up 500 Ml of vegetable stock or use a stock cube dissolved in hot water

Cooking The Vegetables

  1. Heat the pan on medium heat and add a little oil
  2. Drop in the chunky diced onions and give stir to stop the onions from sticking
  3. Add the garlic and keep the vegetables moving occasionally
  4. Add the picked rosemary to the mix in the pan
  5. Pour in 500 Ml of the stock and bring to a boil and turn to a simmer

Finishing The Celeriac Soup

  • When the celeriac is fully soft and cooked, remove the pan from the heat
  • Puree the soup until it is smooth