What Is A Street Food And
Mobile Catering Business?What Is Street Food

What is street food and why is it popular today. Essentially street food and mobile catering are the same styles of catering. Street food has a history all over the world with countries serving their own specialities, to the local community from small simple stalls. And they can also be from a small barbeque with limited facilities.

What Is The Difference Between A Pop-up Restaurant, Street Food And Mobile Catering?

Mobile catering is an up-to-date version, with caterers able to travel to festivals, markets, and places where a fast food type of catering is used. These caterers will have a good brand with marketing and a stylish mobile kitchen with good facilities following all health and safety regulations.

What Exactly Is Street Food And Mobile Catering?

“Street food” is food that is sold in a public place or on the street by a vendor with simple equipment, the food will be ready to eat this could be at a market or fair. Mobile caterers will take the street food idea and add a new business like level to the traditional street food concept.

Street caterers are popular all over the world the vendor will sell from a small stall and the food will be eaten immediately. And in many countries, the street food will be regional.

“Street food is a good step towards a full time concept as a full-time mobile caterer or testing ideas for a pop – up restaurant.”

For example, the fried scorpion is popular in some Asian countries. However, this would not be a regional speciality in Italy, from researching ideas we can have a plan for foods the customer will be interested in buying.

Benefits of Street food for customers include:

  • Cheaper than on average than going to a restaurant
  • What is street food – Quickly prepared and served
  • Sociable settings where customers can experience a broad range of food styles

Street Food Hotspots From Around The World

There are many countries all over the world with great street food all areas will have their own regional specialities and some will also have foods from other areas of the world. To follow are some countries with great street food.

Copenhagen Street Food     

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark with very popular street food markets. And one of the main markets with food and stalls is in Copenhagen itself, which serves cuisines from all over the world including Brazilian, South Korean and India.

Thai Street Food

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has a range of traditional street food. What is the street food style in Thai? Thai food is quick to cook full of flavour and uses a lot of chillies. Thai street food is popular in the UK with many stalls at markets and festivals offering Thai food.

Italian Street Food

Italian street food is very popular in Italy with a quick flavoursome style. The UK has many Italian street food stalls and mobile caterers, foods will include pasta dishes and pizzas.

Indian Street Food

One of the most popular food cuisines in the world. What is street food in India –  Indian street food is delicious and suits the UK perfectly? The Uk customer loves the spices flavours and heat of the Indian cuisine. 

London Street Food

London is a great place to experience street food, with a large mix of cultures there is a big demand for a broad range of street food. There are street food festivals happening regularly and many stalls open all year round.

Street Food Cinema!

What is street food cinema? During the summer in not only London but all over the UK, there are many outdoor cinemas and festivals to set up a street food stall

 “Street food is a good way to try new dishes and concepts on customers”

What Is Street Food

Run Your Own Street Food Business

If you have a keen interest in cooking and can cook a number of great dishes and are looking to sell your foods to the public, questions you will need to answer include:

  • How do I set up a street food stall in my local area?
  • Do I need to register my food business?
  • Is it possible to make a lot of profit and expand my food business quickly?
  • Understanding and keep on top of the health and safety laws.
  • What equipment is crucial?
  • Where do I buy the equipment?

1.Mobile Catering Research

Firstly you will need to think about and do some market research. If you can cook great Indian dishes then an area or market where there is no Indian food may be a good place to set up your business. Decide on the food you will be serving on your food stall, test the recipes on friends to get some feedback.

A good tip is to go to the area or market you want to set up a stall. Know you can find out that there is a need for, and create some simple flavoursome dishes.


2. Where will the business be located?

Setting up your mobile caterer will vary depending on where you want to have your stall, you can find markets and festivals to run your stall at.

Many will have a waiting list for caterers and fees to pay for the pitch. Markets are smaller but an easier option to begin your business.


3.How to register my business

To register your food business you will need to. Firstly go to your local council who will check you are ready to open and you have met the safety laws.

4. What equipment do I need and where can I buy the tools?

For a simple set up it can be relatively cheap, but you will need transportation for your equipment. The biggest expense for a mobile caterer will be the mobile catering van.

The equipment will depend on the food you are serving, depending on your food style. Cooking fast food to order, reheating food or selling cold foods.

More information on catering trailers Here


Expanding will need to be done properly with a concise business plan. You can make your first business easy and simple to run is a great idea as anybody could learn how to set up and run the business.

6.Health and safety

There are strict health and safety laws to follow when running your catering setup. And also more information can be found at the food standards agency.

I have not been able to go into as much depth as I would like to in this article, however for more information on this subject and a lot more please Click Here

In conclusion, We’ve provided as much information as I had time for this morning. There are a lot more articles on what is street food, and more relevant information available.

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