How to Get Your Restaurant First Page Website Results For Restaurant Marketing
on the First Page of Google

SERPs. Do you know what that abbreviation means? It stands for Search Engine Results Pages and if you are eager to be a success in the food business. Then you want your restaurant to appear at the top of these results, in your restaurant marketing plan. In other words, you need to get your restaurant on the first page of a Google search (or any web search engine for that matter).

Of course, this is where we need to recall the famous words of Shakespeare who aptly pointed out, “therein lies the rub”. After all, it is easy to say that success comes to the restaurant that appears on that first page, but then there comes the tough part…getting on that first page.

Restaurant Marketing Essentials

Like any business in the modern world, if you don’t have a website you are lost. Literally. Very few people open a phone book to find something these days. They open a browser and a search engine, and if you are not online via a website, you are not on SERPs. If you don’t appear on SERPs…well, that just can’t happen.

However, most web experts say that anything on the third page of SERPs, or further, is useless. Even second-page results may not get you much traction or results. This is why you must give a great deal of attention to reaching that first page.  And that is done using another abbreviation: SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

So, you may have already heard of SEO and you may even have a passing familiarity with what it requires. However, did you know that not even Google can promise you a page one outcome? This is because the entire thing is built around a mathematical algorithm that can cause changes constantly. That is not to say that you will be on the first page one day and the thousandth page the next.

What it means is that you should follow a tried and true formula of good and authentic SEO practices if you wish to remain a viable and competitive candidate for that premier position.

First Page Website Results For Restaurant Marketing

Here is our suggested restaurant marketing on Google formula:

Create a blog or website using. Note, your URL (which is the domain name you will have to choose and purchase) should be easy to type, short, feature keywords or the business name, and be memorable. So, if your baking business is Cupcake King, you are not likely to get that URL easily, so simply choose cupcakeking[insert your city] and see if that works.

  • Create a schedule of unique blogs that are relevant to your site and industry. Create around six (one per week) ahead of time, and be sure they feature keywords that relate to your industry and site. You can get the best research and advice straight from Google keyword planner. Be sure that your blog is on more than just your blog. Try sites like Tumblr, Quora and others.
  • Use your social media networks (Facebook business page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and so on) to promote the blogs. This can be a great tool for free restaurant marketing once you learn how it is done correctly.
  • You must create a YouTube channel if you want first page results. Why? Videos always get preferential treatment and appear at the TOP of related searches. Your channel should be similar in name to your site or blog, and the videos should be titled, tagged and described with your keywords.
  • Think locally. If you want to win the SEO war, remember to use “long tail” keywords, which are keywords with the place names. For instance, custom cupcakes Birmingham is a long tail keyword. Also, remember to register your physical business with Google.

Further Restaurant Website Essentials 

You will also want to be sure that you avoid Flash on your website or blog pages as Google cannot index the information in graphics. Always go with HTML. Try to compress data for faster loading pages because Google might punish you for slow loads and visitors clicking away. Always use entirely original content as anything copied costs you with Google.

If you take these simple steps and keep at it, you’ll soon be at the top of Google’s SERPs.


Example Of A Keyword At The Top Of Googles Page One Using SEO

I have many keywords on my website that I am ranking for to drive free traffic to my website. One of these keywords is the term ‘chef de rang’. By searching for the keyword ‘Chef De Rang’ you will see my website high on the first page of Google. This has been achieved by using SEO techniques. By searching for the keyword ‘ What is a chef de rang’  my website is ranking high on page one and I  also have a youtube video high in the rankings. My youtube channel is BAChefUK.


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