The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes

 The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes? There are many techniques used in modern cooking today and some of them can be used at home. Nowadays equipment used by top restaurants for cooking outstanding recipes has been modified for easy use suitable for home cooks of every level with the correct training.

Some techniques used include sous vide, dehydrated, foams, vacuum packing or gels are all techniques used in todays professional modern food styles.

Not all of these are options for many restaurant food styles and home cooks. However, one style of cooking that is available to the larger market is the sous vide machine for cooking. So what The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes? This is a great tool for producing dishes on an a la carte menu.

What Does Sous Vide Mean?

Sous vide is a French phrase meaning “under Vacuum”. This method requires the food to be sealed airtight in a plastic bag and placed in a temperature-controlled environment. This includes a water bath and a steamer. The foods will be cooked for longer periods of time than normal at lower exacting temperatures. The outsides of the foods will not be overcooked the inside will be exactly cooked to the set temperature and the foods will retain their moisture.


The sous vide method was first mentioned by Sir Benjamin Thompson in 1799. However he used air as the cooking source instead of water.

 The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes?

Sous vide machine is used for the cooking of foods to an exact temperature. For example, if you wanted a steak cooked to exactly medium rare you would set the temperature to 55 Celsius and leave the steak in the water for as long as is needed. The cooking time will depend on the thickness of a steak, however, for a regular 1-inch steak will take at least 1 hour to cook.

The great thing is the steak will be cooking in its own juices and will not overcook and an even pinkness will be produced on the inside of the steak. A Sous vide machine can cook a broad range of foods that include: Sous vide salmon, sous vide steak, sous vide pork belly, sous vide brisket and vegetables can also be cooked with this method. The way the sous vide machine can cook foods to exacting temperatures results in a more consistent method of cooking that can be achieved in a professional kitchen and at home.

 Consistently PREVENT The grey bands of traditionally cooked steak with sous vide cooking

 How Is A Sous Vide Machine (Water Bath) Used?

The steps needed to sous vide: To follow the 5 steps with cooking temperatures and times.

  1. The foods will need to be packed in a vacuum inside a plastic bag. This is done using by using a vacuum packing machine and specialised plastic packets.
  2. The foods can be combined with other ingredients including herbs and spices to give extra flavour during the cooking.
  3. The water-bath will be set to an exact temperature for an exact amount of time to give consistent results. As the foods: for example, a rib eye steak is at a consistent temperature throughout this prevents overcooking.
  4. The foods will need to be finished: for example, a rib eye steak will need to be seared in a very hot pan to give a professional finish to the steak.
  5. The foods: for example, a rib eye steak will have a consistent perfect cooked temperature inside.

Cooking Temperature Times And Water-Bath Temperature For Steaks

Below is an example of cooking times and temperatures for steaks. Notice how even though the size of the steak doubles in thickness 1 inch to a 2-inch steak the time for cooking in the water bath will increase dramatically.

Steaks should be measured after being vacuum packed and ideally at room temperature before cooking

Example cooking times for a medium rare rib eye steak cooked to
55 Celsius


The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes


    Time In Hours

0.5     Inch

    0.5hour – 2hours

1       Inch

    1hour – 3hour

1.5     Inch

    1.5 hour – 3.5 hour

2       Inch

    3hour – 5hour

2.5     Inch

    4hour – 6hour

3       Inch

    6hour – 9hour

 Sous Vide Cooking Reference Guide Here

The Sous Vide cooking method: The Sous Vide Machine And The Perfect Cooking Of Recipes? Sous vide machines also known as water baths are used as a common cooking method in professional kitchens.

The cooking technique can be taken to a high level with the addition of the exact amount of flavours and spices being added to the cooking. However, the machines are a great addition to any professional or home kitchen for cooking meats to exacting temperatures every time.


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