The Speed Potato Peeler And Vegetable The Speed Potato PeelerJulienne Peeler Set For The Professional And Home Kitchen

 Peeling potatoes! In any kitchen, if it’s a professional or a home kitchen is going to need potatoes peeling at some point. In a pro kitchen, this job can be passed to a commis chef to peel bags of potatoes. In a home kitchen, a few potatoes can be peeled. In both cases, the peeling of potatoes and other vegetables is a chore. It needs to be done well and as efficiently as possible. There are three main types of peeler, The speed potato peeler, the vegetable julienne peeler and an electric peeler.

 The speed potato Peeler

A speed peeler can be used for a range of jobs. And also the main pro this peeler is when preparing large quantities of potato. It is much quicker and easier on the hands. Consider this, you are a commis chef in a pro kitchen and the chef has 25kg of potato to peel for you!

Your choices, a knife, a simple hand peeler or a speed potato peeler. The speed peeler is going to work best. (It also has a great name)!  >>The Speed Potato Peeler>>

The Speed Potato Peeler

 And The Julienne Peeler

The speed julienne peeler is another handy kitchen tool. And the vegetable julienne peeler is similar to the speed peeler, however, the blade has a serrated style design. This results in thin strips of vegetables being peeled. A chef needs to make some courgette strips for a dish. He has a choice, either he can use a knife cutting each piece to the exact same size. Or the chef can whip out the julienne vegetable peeler and peel the strips from the ingredient.

 Speed Peeling With The Speed Peeler

This is a quick look at the speed potato peeler and vegetable julienne peeler set for the professional and home kitchen. There is a range of these tools out there. It all depends on how you feel comfortable using them. I find with the speed peelers with handy grips work best. These peel the layers of the vegetables slightly thinner than the traditional potato speed peelers. With the julienne peeler being less common in pro and home kitchens, however, once the peeler has been demonstrated it is easy to see how good they are.

The julienne peeler can also add an extra dimension to home cooked dishes. It’s unlikely that an average home cook will be thinly slicing vegetables evenly. With the julienne peeler, it becomes a simple task that catches the eye.

Pros And Cons Of A Speed Peeler And A Julienne Peeler

These two kitchen gadgets are tools that need to be in the kitchen set. And also they are both a good addition to any professional or home kitchen. In addition, the speed at which potatoes and other vegetables can be peeled can’t be ignored. The electric peeler is very quick, although it can leave bits of skin on the foods. These will need going over with a knife or a peeler to finish off.

Speed Peeler

Julienne Peeler

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