The Mandoline Slicer The Mandoline Slicer

A mandolin slicer is a kitchen tool that is used in most professional kitchens. This is a handy tool that would be usefully added to any home kitchen gadget set. Do you ever use recipes that require the fine slicing of vegetables or fruits? Well, you need to get to know the mandolin slicer.

Types Of Mandoline Slicer

There are a few types of the vegetable slicer out there, the two we will have a look at are the heavy duty option and the lightweight version. The heavy-duty mandolin slicer is very sturdy, it has changeable blades. This mandolin can be used to slice vegetables into ribbons or thin strips with the simple change of the blade settings. However, this is really more suitable for the professional kitchens and comes with a hefty price tag. The second mandolin slicer is the lightweight version.

The lightweight slicer is used pretty much in every kitchen I have ever been in. They are very useful for the slicing of potatoes for instance. If you were making a dauphinoise potato, this slicer can be used to slice the potatoes evenly.

Safety Advice When Using The Mandoline Slicer

When using the slicer for the first time it is very important to be careful. Use the hand grip to slide the vegetable into the blade and take it slowly. After a few uses, you can speed up a bit. If you are a commis chef and going into pro kitchens for the first time. It can be daunting watching the chefs with the mandolin slicer. They will be working very fast with the slicer and mostly not using the safety guards. Do not try this, it can result in a very nasty cut. You don’t want to slice the top of your finger hurts!!

The Mandoline Slicer

Maintenance And Cleaning Of The Mandoline Slicer

When the slicer needs to be cleaned it is best to wash them ourselves. Do not give it to the wash-up. When using the slicer at home or in the pro kitchen always make sure the blade is not sticking out. Tighten it back so the blade is flat. This is another area where cuts can happen.

With the lightweight mandolins a common con I have found. After a while, the tightening screws become slightly loose under the blade. They are fairly large and can be seen well. Just be careful that these don’t drop out of the screw socket and fall into the food, lost forever. I’ve noticed this a lot once they get a little bit old. I have been slicing cucumbers only to find a large gold screw mixed in with them when it comes to serving the foods!

This is not a problem with the larger heavy duty mandolin slicer. These sturdy models do not have the small parts that fall off.

Pros And Cons Of The Mandoline Slicer

The mandolin slicer is great for the speed of cutting vegetables. However, the lightweight version will need replacing after a while. They are a fantastic tool to have in any pro or home kitchen.

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