The Chefs Kitchen
His Cooking Tools And Their Uses   chef's kitchen

The chef’s kitchen

Having worked in the chef’s kitchen at many different styles of professional kitchens during my chef’s career including pop-up restaurants.

I have learnt all of the basic essential equipment that every professional kitchen needs to run smoothly. I am going to list the 7 items I believe through my experience are the top 7 items for success.

Why does the chef need these? To produce good food there are a lot of techniques needed to prepare and cook the foods. This is done following health and safety regulations. And the preparation will be done quickly and efficiently.

There are many large items a chefs kitchen needs that include: fridges, ovens, and stoves as well.

 The 7 essential items

All professional chefs will need this equipment. And these 7 items will be found in the kitchens of many home chefs as well. 

1.Knives and Sharpeners 

. There’s a range of knives for specific jobs and they will vary in quality. Choosing the best knife for the right job is needed and the knives will have to be kept sharp at all times.

2.Clothing including shoes

All chefs will need the correct clothing as the material the whites are made from is designed for working in the kitchen environment. In addition, safety shoes have to be of good quality.

The chef’s kitchen will have many tools to use that help the chef with his preparation and cooking of the different foods. Some of these tools can be used at home as well.

 3.Chopping boards

Chopping/cutting boards come in various colours, the different colours are for the various types of foods. Consequently, there are 6 main colours of chopping boards which include: Red for raw meat and yellow for cooked meat.

 4.Food processor robot coupe 

The processor makes a lot of jobs much quicker due to its various attachments. Jobs include grating, slicing and mixing. It can do large quantities of preparation quickly.


5.Kitchen aid – stand mixer 

This comes in various sizes from a table-top size to a commercial stand mixer. Essential for pastry work, it can mix and whisk large quantities of ingredients.

 The tools in the chef’s kitchen need to be good quality. This is because they need to be strong and durable to last in a busy workplace

 6.Pots and pans 

Good selection of quality pots pans is crucial for the cooking of foods. Small, medium and large pots and pans will all be useful. They need to have a thicker bottom to work well in a professional kitchen.

7.Kitchen Utensils 

A broad range of utensils will be used including spoons, spatulas, peelers, whisks, the list goes on. We have great suppliers in the UK for kitchen equipment, you can look on catering websites and have a delivery the next day.

 Within The Chefs kitchen- there is a large range of equipment and these 7 pieces are crucial for a chef to work smoothly. The tools in a professional kitchen will need to be good quality, strong, and durable as they will be used daily.

Also, professional kitchens will have a range of equipment for chef’s to use. Furthermore, the chef will have their own quality knives and be able to look after them well. Also having a good pair of non-slip and comfortable shoes is required.

For more detailed information on kitchen tools for the chef’s kitchen that includes: Descriptions, prices and discounts visit the catering store I choose all my equipment from.

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