The Best Induction Cookware For Chefs To Work With. The Best Induction Cookware

Induction cooking is a type of cooking that is used in many professional kitchens. The induction method heats a pot, pan or saucepan by magnetic induction. A benefit of this is the best induction cookware being a pot, pan or saucepan can be heated very quickly at the exact heat needed. This method is good for chefs to cook with as they can control the temperature of the pan to the exact heat needed. These tools are ideal for a catering business as they produce an instant heat and can be plugged into a mains supply.

  • An induction cooker uses a copper wire with an electrical current, this produces the currents needed to heat the pot. This method also magnetising the pot and the resistance of this heat the pot or pan.
  • Mainly induction cooking needs a pot or pan that has magnetic qualities such as cast iron or stainless steel. There are tools that can be laid on top of the induction cooker. And then non-magnetic equipment can be placed on this to heat up.  Such as glass or non-magnetic stainless steels.
  • Induction cooking hobs are a great tool in professional kitchens. These cookers will give off less waste heat in the kitchen. They can be turned off and on quickly and can be safer to use than the gas cooktops.

The induction cooker can also be easily cleaned as the surface of the cooker does not get very hot.

The Basics Of Working With Induction Cookware

What is induction cooking? Induction cooking gives a much quicker heating of the pans and can be controlled easily to give a consistent heat during cooking with precise controls. Induction cooking is a far more efficient way of cooking. During the cooking process, the induction cooker only heats up the base of the pans. This is a much safer way of cooking and as the cooker is the same temperature as the base of the pans this gives the chef precise control of the temperature.

The induction cooker has a control system that will turn off the heat if a pan is not on the cooker or is a pot that is too small for the cooker. An induction cooker is a lot easier to clean as it has a flat surface and it is harder for spills to burn to the surface.

The cooker will turn itself off when a pans are removed from the surface.

The best induction cookware

Induction Cooking – Cooking Equipment

The best induction cookware must have a flat bottom and make of a ferrous metal. This means the metal will have an iron content. A ferrous metal is a magnetic material needed for induction cooking. Ferrous metals will include magnetic stainless steel.

Induction Cookware Heat Control

Induction cooking cookers come in a range of quality. The more basic cookers may switch the heat on and off at a slower rate than the more developed induction cookers. The more developed cookers can have a finer range of heating controls. Cookware with a thicker bottom will heat up more evenly and give a higher level of cooking than cookware with a thin bottom.

Safety Tips For Induction Cookware 

Induction cooking cookers will mainly come with a glass ceramic top that can be damaged by a heavy impact.  Although induction cookers are required to pass safety regulations. The cookers can be damaged by pans or pots sliding across the surface of the cooker. Tin foil (aluminium foil) can cause damage and crack if left on top of the cooking surface. Induction cookers come in a range of sizes and the maximum size will be in the manufacturer’s description.

 Certain cooking methods used on a gas flame will not be possible with an induction cooker

 Best Induction Cookware Overview

Induction is a far more efficient way of cooking than using an electric cooking surface and gas flames. Cooking this way will allow for the instant control of the heat and precise control of the heating of the correct induction cookware. Induction cookers are far more energy efficient than other methods such as gas flames. They do not lose as much energy, a gas flame not only heats up the pot or pan but also the air around it.

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