Have you always dreamed of becoming a chef but just didn’t know where to start? Many people express the desire to get into the industry but not knowing how. I have the strategy you have been looking for!
Find essential advice, tips and comprehensive guides to help you on your journey as a Career Chef a Chef in Business or maybe you want to Learn the Skills of Professional Chefs. Just decide which path you are looking to take and  Let’s get started today ...... 

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    Levels In A Professional Chefs Career

    Commis Chef

    The starting point for anyone to become chef. All professional chefs have been through the commis chef step

    Chef de Partie

    A chef de partie will have the responsibilities of running a specific section

    Sous Chef

    The first management position for a chef. The sous chef is the right hand person of the head chef.

    Head Chef

    The boss of the kitchen, overseeing the whole kitchen department. 

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