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  • We have created easy to read guides with all the essential information needed to get you on the food entrepreneur road....

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Have you always dreamed of becoming a chef but just didn’t know where to start? Many people express the desire to get into the industry but not knowing how. I have the strategy you have been looking for!

Find essential advice, tips and comprehensive guides to help you on your journey as a Career Chef a Chef in Business or maybe you want to Learn the Skills of Professional Chefs. Just decide which path you are looking to take and  Let’s get started today ...... 

Career Chef

As a career chef you will start as a commis chef in a professional kitchen brigade. From a commis chef you will move up the ladder step by step. As you learn to be a chef you gain all the skills needed to run your own professional kitchen. Maybe a career as an award winning chef is your goal, this will take a lot of hard work and perseverance as you train to be a chef.

Chef In Business

Many professional chefs get to a point in their careers where they want to start their own food business. And there are also amateur chefs out there who have a desire to start their own catering business. Maybe your ideal business is a street food truck, home cake business or a pop up restaurant idea. Our guides cover essential information needed to start and run a catering business. If you are considering how to start a catering business then our easy to read, step by step guides may be suitable for you.

Learn The Skills Of Professional Chefs

BAChefUK chefs have the professional skills from years of training that you have been looking for. Some of the skills we have to teach you include:

  • How to make homemade pasta including a delicious pasta sauce. Such as an authentic Italian tomato sauce or a meaty bolognaise sauce.
  • How to bake a cake including homemade cupcakes. Baking cakes is a great skill to have, who doesn’t love the taste and smell of a homemade lemon cupcake.
  • And of course all the essential skills that everybody can master. Including knife skills, vegetable cooking and catering for special diets.
  • I can also show you how to use more technical cooking methods. Such as: baking cookies and macarons on a silicone mat.

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Levels In A Professional Chefs Career

Commis Chef

The starting point for anyone to become chef. All professional chefs have been through the commis chef step

Chef de Partie

A chef de partie will have the responsibilities of running a specific section

Sous Chef

The first management position for a chef. The sous chef is the right hand person of the head chef.

Head Chef

The boss of the kitchen, overseeing the whole kitchen department. 

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