BAChefUK was started by Chris Flatt. Chris is a current working chef and started his chef career in 1997. He has gone on to work in many styles of establishments, this experience has perfectly placed him to get you into the career of your dreams. Chris also fully understands how powerful the internet is and how it can be used by any budding restaurant entrepreneurs

Chris now wishes to share all he has learnt in the last 19 years with the world.

The products and content has been written in a friendly easy to read style suitable for anyone looking for a rewarding well paid career.


If a couple of these bullet points describes who you are, then chances are Becoming A Chef will be a great fit for you.

  • You have a passion for cooking and enjoy working in teams
  • You’re a current chef and are looking to move forward in your career
  • You’re in a career you are not happy with and are looking to change career
  • You have just finished a cooking course and need the next move
  • You want to become an entrepreneur chef and need the information to get started
  • You’re currently looking for a rewarding new job
  • You want to learn the skills used by professional chef.

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Many Thanks